Body cam video appears to show armed man flee from Las Vegas school police before being tackled

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Body camera video shows tense moments for Clark County School District Police as an armed man appears to take off.

The situation highlights a concern for Clark County School District leaders that the majority of guns school police have seized so far this year are coming from adults.

CCSD’s data shows out of the 15 guns seized since Aug. 7, of this year, eight were from adults. During the 2022-2023 school year, 49 guns were found.

According to court records, CCSDPD was notified of an adult pointing a gun at another person at Hickey Elementary School, which is located between Carey and Hollywood. Hours later school police caught up with the vehicle.

“We have the vehicle stopped. He does a firearm visible in the center console,” an officer is recorded saying over the body camera.

Body cam shows an armed man accused of running from school police before being tackled (CCSDPD)
Body cam shows an armed man accused of running from school police before being tackled (CCSDPD)

The footage is from the Aug. 9, 2022 incident. According to police, a CCSDPD officer saw a gun in the center console between the driver and the front passenger, Antonio Keyshawn Kelley.

“Open this door. Do not touch the firearm. I’m just pulling you out away from the gun. That’s it. The gun’s staying where it’s at, I’m pulling you out so you’re not near it,” an officer said.

Kelley, who was 18 years old at the time, then exits the SUV.

“I just don’t want you anywhere near the gun, okay?” the officer said. “Anything on you I need to know about?“

Kelley responded, “No sir.”

“I’m going to do a quick pat down to make sure there’s no guns, knives. Nothing like that.”

Emotions are heightened as officers find another gun.

“Alright, what’s in your pocket here?” the officer asked.

Kelley said, “That’s his gun.”

“Keep your hands behind your back.”

Kelley then runs off and three officers eventually tackle him.

“You’re going to get shot. Do you understand me?” an officer said.

“I’m not doing nothing, sir,” Kelley said. “Sir, why you push me? I’m not doing nothing.”

According to the police report, an officer removed a loaded 9mm, and Kelley didn’t have a concealed permit.

“Sir, you guys have me dawg. Why is y’all doing all the extra sir?” Kelley told officers.

Court records show Kelley entered into a plea agreement, received a suspended jail sentence of six months, and was ordered to stay away from Hickey Elementary.

But after failing to appear in court, Kelley has an active warrant out for his arrest, according to Las Vegas Justice Court.

Below is a statement Matthew Caldwell, the president of the CCSD Police Officer’s Association, sent 8 News Now.

The Officers of the Clark County School District Police Department are faced with challenging situations on a daily basis among the most dangerous calls are those where a person is in unlawful possession of a firearm on school property.
The video is an example of an extremely dangerous situation where multiple firearms were involved and the suspect chose to resist arrest and flee from the officers. His actions placed the public, the officers, and himself in imminent jeopardy of serious injury and, or death.
Our officers displayed incredible restraint and professionalism while balancing the safety of others in the area and their own personal safety. Our officers will investigate any report of a firearm(s)on school property and take appropriate law enforcement action.
I am extremely proud to work with officers that truly value the safety of our children, staff, and visitors and are willing to set aside their own safety to protect others.

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