Cho Jin Woong garners the Best Supporting Actor Award in Busan

Cho Jin Woong garners the Best Supporting Actor Award in Busan

Actor Cho Jin Woong garnered the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Cho Jin Woong, who is being loved by a great number of movie fans, garnered the Best Supporting Actor Award on 5th at Busan International Film Festival.

Cho Jin Woong left a deep impression by casting in 'Nameless Gangster' as boss 'Kim Pan Ho', dominated over other competitive nominees, Cho Sung Ha from 'Helpless', and Cho Jeong Suk from 'Architecture 101'.

Cho Jin Woong made his first casting as the main character in movie 'Suspect X', which will be released on 18th, and he will be showing off his great talent in acting as detective 'Min Bum', who suspects 'Hwa Sun(Lee Yo Won' as the murderer.

'Suspect X' is motivated from Higashino Geigo's fiction, 'The Devotion of Suspect X', and it will show the story of a genius mathematician constructing a perfect alibi to hide the murder that his lover committed, and it will be released on October 18th.

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