EA Home Design Embraces Snackable Content to Disrupt the Remodeling Industry

Remodeling experts EA Home Design have set their sights on snackable content to disrupt the interior design industry.

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It was not long ago that Microsoft carried out startling research that concluded humans had attention spans shorter than goldfish, and since then, snackable content has become ever more prevalent.

So what is snackable content? In short, it’s bitesize content that people can consume quickly and without too much information. The most popular types of snackable content are short videos, often seen on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where users share anecdotes, insights and attention grabbing pieces of content to engage their audiences.

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For EA Home Design, snackable content was an exciting avenue to explore to drive brand awareness in their highly competitive industry. Based in Virginia, EA Home Design began to create shareable content from short videos of their projects to bitesized videos from experts within the company that helped to give their audiences some insights into how they work.

It was from this snackable content that they were able to grow their following quickly, using Instagram as their main platform to reach homeowners and people interested in all things home decor.

From short video tours to video timelapses of their latest design projects, the company was able to build short and sweet content experiences that users could get hooked on, and wanted to find out more. Their efforts have so far paid off, leading them to growing their online community to over 100k followers in just weeks.

And it doesn’t stop there. For interior design businesses, there’s room for growth in exploring both short form content and ‘micro engagement’ opportunities, where short but concise information can help companies access new revenue streams.

While the good old days of Vine are truly behind us, TikTok and Snapchat have proved strong contenders for people’s short attention spans, and it remains to be seen whether businesses in different industries will be able to truly adapt and grow with these new kinds of video formats and snackable content.

For the time being, businesses like EA Home Design are showing others how to do it, using Instagram, and IGTV to give their clients a preview of their latest projects and new design solutions.