Falcon's Unique Hybrid Ecosystem Pioneering Secure Anonymity on Crypto Transactions

KIEV, UKRAINE / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2020 / Blockchain technology has been around for slightly over a decade, during which we have witnessed various projects, tokens, and use cases of the industry. With new projects coming up every so often, only those bringing in a fresh and unique perspective can make a name for themselves in the enthusiastic crypto community.

The Falcon Project is one such vibrant undertaking that offers a different perspective into the use of blockchain technology. Although blockchain has had acclaimed success in the financial payments sector, the unique ecosystem by Falcon provides a different outlook on the way people complete their financial transactions.

So, what is the Falcon Project?

Unraveling The Falcon Project

Falcon is a unique ecosystem that combines two blockchains to offer its users speed, convenience, anonymity, and privacy when transacting on the blockchain. Falcon brings together the ERC-20 blockchain, which runs on Ethereum, and Falcon's blockchain, FNC. ERC-20 is the basis for Falcon's asset, FNT, while FNC is responsible for anonymity and privacy on the network.

Besides the two blockchains, Falcon project also brings to play a third chain, the ERC-1155 token. This token is also the voucher, and users will be getting rewards for holding this voucher. All these three chains work together to ensure Falcon meets its global vision.

The idea of the Falcon Project was conceived early this year, and the first FNT transaction was completed on 2nd February. The Project is managed by a team and is always open to new participants.

Explaining the Tokenomics

Falcon Project's token, FNT, has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000. The development team has, however, frozen 60% of the total amount and stored it on the wallet with multi-signature for one year. On 2nd February 2020, the development team will decide what to do with the tokens.

A further 5% of the supply is held as the reward fund for voucher holders, 20% for the development of the Project, and 15% for the airdrops and contests.

The first year of the Project's life will see the maximum available supply reach 35 billion and an extra 5 billion for voucher payments in 2.5 years.

FNC, on the other hand, has a maximum supply of 100 billion coins. But, the Falcon project is still under development, and there aren't any details available on the coin. FNC will not trade on any exchange, but users will be able to swap FNC for FNT in the ratio of 1:1.

Falcon Project's Roadmap: What Next?

Ever since the inception of the Project in February, the Falcon Project has taken some gigantic steps. There have already been three different stages for the airdrops for FNT tokens. The Project has launched the system of swap a token for a voucher and the Proof of Hold system. The latter is a unique reward system for users.

Additionally, FNT has been listed on several exchanges, including Whitebit, Uniswap and SouthXchange.

Now, the development team is moving towards testing existing anonymous blockchains and creating and launching its own anonymous blockchain, FNC.

Although it is still in its early stages, the Falcon Project is very promising and energetic. It presents a unique approach to anonymity when transacting on blockchains. The Falcon project creates an excellent opportunity to enter early and participate in a hybrid ecosystem that will transform blockchain payment systems.


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