Five Miles Up with ... Brooke Elliott

Y! Travel shares an armrest for a chat about pickled herring, rental-car headaches and ugly mugs

A love triangle is in the works for Brooke Elliott’s character on the Lifetime series "Drop Dead Diva." Afraid her choice will bring on tears? No worries. She has the perfect antidote packed in her carry-on.

What’s something you never fail to pack in your suitcase?
My mascara – L’Oreal Double Extend black brown waterproof. I have one stashed in every bag I ever carry.

Carry-on or check-in?
I’d always prefer carry-on, but if I have to, I check in.

Window or aisle?

What’s your idea of the perfect vacation?
The one I took to Maui. Really I’ve been to Mexico since, and Paris and Madrid, and they were all amazing, but for some reason Maui sticks out to me. It was so relaxing and beautiful; the wind was blowing through the trees, out by the pool and at the beach. It was exactly what I needed at the time.

Favorite hotel, resort or yurt you've ever stayed in?
The Grand Wailea on Maui was pretty fantastic. It has beautiful landscaping, and the rooms have these great shutters you can open in the morning as sun is coming over ocean and a cute little balcony to eat breakfast on.

What's the silliest souvenir you ever came back with?
On Maui, one of my best friends from the Broadway world joined me; we left our boyfriends at home and had a girl vacation. We found these mugs that were a butt with little legs and bought two each.

Ever try a food that you wished you hadn't?
Poi on Maui and pickled herring at Epcot.

Biggest regret you've ever had while on vacation.
In Mexico, we rented a car to drive around Cozumel. The car barely ran, the seatbelts and top were broken and it wouldn’t go in reverse. I’m surprised we didn’t have to Flintstone it. We got in a big fight with the rental car company, which ended up screwing us out of money. By the end of a day that was supposed to be so fun we were just like, “Forget it, let’s just go home.”

What's the one thing you're willing to splurge on above all else?
The hotel. I want clean. I want nice. I want something where I don’t have to go, “Who’s been in this bed?”

What’s on your travel playlist?

Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood.

You only get one more trip in your lifetime. Where will it be?
Ireland. On Broadway, I did "Pirate Queen," a play about Grace O’Malley’s life on a pirate ship. The music was very Irish-influenced and we did a lot of Irish dancing. We almost traveled to Ireland, but the trip got cancelled. I was so disappointed. So Ireland is where I’d go. It doesn’t even matter where; I just want to see it.