Flight forced to abort takeoff at Reagan National Airport to avoid another plane. It’s the second such incident in 6 weeks

An American Airlines flight bound for Boston was forced to abort takeoff at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday morning to avoid another plane that was landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board said it’s investigating what happened. It’s the second such incident at the Washington, DC, airport in the last six weeks.

“An air traffic controller cancelled the takeoff clearance for American Airlines Flight 2134 because another aircraft was cleared to land on an intersecting runway,” the FAA said in a statement about Wednesday’s scare.

Air traffic control audio from LiveATC.net captured the moment.

“American 2134, cancel takeoff clearance,” an air traffic controller told the American Airlines pilot. “Rejecting the takeoff 2134,” the pilot responded.

“The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority, and we’re grateful to our crew for their professionalism. We will support the FAA in its investigation,” American Airlines said in a statement.

The flight eventually made it to Boston, arriving four hours late, according to the plane tracking website FlightAware.

In mid-April, the FAA launched an investigation after two jetliners were put on an apparent collision course as they were leaving Reagan National Airport, prompting air traffic controllers to urgently radio each plane to stop.

Wednesday’s aborted takeoff came in the wake of multiple safety issues with airlines reported Memorial Day weekend, amid a record number of travelers. After a string of aircraft accidents or mechanical issues on recent flights, the incidents over the long weekend have drawn fresh attention to air safety.

While the FAA and others are investigating, aviation experts say commercial flights remain one of the safest ways to travel in the US.

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