Hermis Help Leaders and Human Resources Management Turn The Rising Remote-Working Problems Into An Opportunity

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Hermis captures the rising problem on remote first company to boost employee's engagement which lead to higher productivity

Saratoga, CA, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As remote work becomes a common practice across industries, it brings along numerous challenges to the workplace status quo. The challenge is to ensure their teams stay productive and motivated without being physically present in the workplace. Therefore, now is perhaps the best opportunity for leaders and management to step up and tackle the growing problem of employee engagement for distributed teams.

While remote working has its fair share of benefits, like saving time and money on commutes and encouraging better work-life balance, it also has some downsides. Remote workers can often feel less engaged and connected to their company, and this can further reflect on their productivity and performance. According to global engagement authority Gallup, engagement comes mostly from relationships, and that stays even more relevant for remote employee engagement. Research consistently demonstrates that when employees have strong relationships with their coworkers, employee engagement rises and brings all the other benefits you can think of with it. Gallup’s most notable data also points out that employees who report having a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged. Unfortunately, the problem today is that while remote employment has grown significantly, remote employee engagement has not.

In this regard, businesses need to keep in mind that employee engagement is an ongoing journey that goes beyond team building and applies to every aspect of an employee's life cycle within a company. Developing further on this concept, Mohan Gummalam and Madhu Mathihalli founded Hermis to solve the rising problem of employee engagement in a world that’s increasingly becoming remote-first. Initially, they started with a product that was focused on team building. And now, after securing an initial seed funding in a round led by Array Ventures, including True Blue Partners and Zoom Video Communications via the Zoom Apps Fund, Hermis has grown stronger in its commitment to helping organizations bridge the culture gap for hybrid and remote-first workforce.

With the new funding, Hermis is expanding its offering to solve the broader problems related to employee engagement. Funtivity by Hermis, available on Zoom and Cisco Webex and soon coming to Teams, enables the use of technology to drive the future of the remote workplace by facilitating interesting ways to conduct Employee Onboarding, Daily Meetings, Diversity Networking, Learning & Training, Internal Job Fair, All Hands, and more. After the positive reactions and the much-deserved attention from the industry, the founders strongly feel that the key to making the product successful has been the sublime focus on not just making the video conferencing experience better for employees but also providing user-friendly features that enable asynchronous communication. The turnkey solution will significantly help companies build a culture of collaboration and camaraderie with remote employees by enabling asynchronous work to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation in a remote setting.

Why Choose Hermis?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that employees working from home for the past two years and more are likely to miss out on team-building activities, collaborations opportunities, impromptu meetings, and interactive ideation sessions. Before the pandemic, companies had spent a lot of effort in building campuses with facilities from lounges to micro-kitchens and fun areas to catered lunches. However, the opportunities that existed for employees to feel like an integral part of a company in an in-person campus environment have not properly translated to the virtual world. That’s exactly where solutions by Hermis come into the picture. Hermis is building the next generation digital workplace aimed to help improve employee engagement by supporting Synchronous and Asynchronous work for the entire journey of an employee at a company to make sure that tools never come in the way of enhancing the employee engagement experience.

Funtivity by Hermis makes employee engagement easier than ever, helping organizations shape the new era of remote working that extends beyond the norm. By taking an innovative and futuristic approach, the advanced suite of tools on the platform enables leaders and human resource management to streamline communication across distributed teams, enhance performance management, and strategically evaluate and execute employee recognition functionalities. Not just this, Hermis has emerged to be the most sought-after platform when it comes to providing an immersive employee onboarding experience with an organization. The simple yet essential progression from a process-driven to automated, experience-driven recruitment approach influences candidates to join organizations and subsequently recommend peers to do so.

Interestingly, this is just one of the many rising remote-work problems that Funtivity by Hermis solves. The initial product was built on a video conferencing platform developed in-house by the team. Running fast continues to be the mantra for team Hermis from its inception till today. Combating one challenge after the other, Hermis adapted quickly to build a reliable and high-caliber team in India to achieve 24x7 coverage in code development. With an innovative approach of quick prototyping and launch, the team managed to succeed faster by failing faster.

By expediting the process, they made sure that they got to the answers quickly. This has helped the team to rectify mistakes in no time and abandon anything that isn’t going in sync with their vision to solve the modern-day challenges posed to the workplace status quo.

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