New Jersey says Walmart made it hard for you to save money

Walmart made it hard for shoppers to compare prices between brands and sizes and now New Jersey is making the retail giant pay up.

That’s the gist of a $1.6 million settlement Walmart reached with the state, though the company didn’t admit to doing anything wrong

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs found that Walmart sometimes used different units of measure for similar products at its four-dozen-plus stores in New Jersey.

Pricing on the same product across different brands and sizes used different units of measure — like pounds, or ounces, or even by container — the state said, a practice that violates New Jersey’s consumer protection laws.

While Walmart doesn’t admit wrongdoing, the popular retailer agreed to:

  • Use consistent and approved units of measure for all its products to make price comparisons easier for shoppers.

  • Train new employees on the correct way to label prices to comply with New Jersey laws.

  • Conduct regular checks in its stores to ensure compliance with the agreed standards.

Inconsistent pricing comparisons can make it harder for people to know what’s a better deal.

The pricing differences were found during regular inspections during the first few months of 2023.

“Shoppers deserve to know exactly what they’re paying for, and this settlement ensures that Walmart will provide accurate pricing information,” said New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin in a news release.

A Walmart spokesperson said the company is committed to transparency and is taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

This article originally appeared on Cherry Hill Courier-Post: New Jersey Walmart shoppers need more price information, state says