Lawsuit: Woman claims Denver Mint police officer sexually assaulted her in 2022

DENVER (KDVR) — A woman is suing the U.S. Government and a Denver Mint police officer on allegations that the officer sexually assaulted her in 2022 at the Denver Mint.

According to the complaint, the woman was an independent contractor working at the Denver Mint in 2022. She was reportedly a registered nurse and provided health services.

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The woman alleges that on Nov. 9, 2022, she was stocking shelves at the Denver Mint in the nurse’s offices, where she said the officer used security cameras to track her whereabouts and follow her.

The nurse alleges that the officer had made “repeated unwanted advances and a series of sexual assaults” on her in the medical offices of Denver’s U.S. Mint. The lawsuit asserts that the officer went further on Nov. 9, 2022, than he had previously, approaching her from behind and forcibly restraining her during the reported rape.

According to the lawsuit, the woman had previously used force to push and strike the officer in a situation where she alleges he “backed her up against a wall” before making nonconsensual sexual advances.

She also alleged that after the assault she was “in shock and her hands were restrained” by the officer, who she said “made it clear he was using the security cameras” to stalk her. She also said that the officer’s privileged access to the property, along with his authority and the presence of his handgun, training and handcuffs allowed him to subdue and rape her.

The lawsuit details the administrative process that the nurse took after the alleged rape, reporting the assaults to U.S. Mint Police inspectors, the Office of the Inspector General and her direct supervisor.

Nurse: Officer’s previous actions led to a settlement

The lawsuit additionally alleges that the officer was known to have acted inappropriately on several prior occasions. The nurse also claimed that the allegations against the officer resulted in a settlement of about $100,000 to a “minor female victim,” along with an offer to “pay her college tuition.”

The nurse is alleging that the government “knew or should have known its employees … had created a dangerous condition on its property.” She also says the government has a duty to keep employees and contracted employees at the U.S. Mint safe.

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According to the nurse, the officer received a promotion and pay increase after his alleged previous improper conduct. She also alleges there was an investigation into the officer by Sanin Global Solutions, an investigative firm, which reported the officer named in the lawsuit “acted inappropriately on several occasions with a female minor who was interning at the U.S. Mint.”

The nurse is claiming that the officer’s “act of forcing sexual contact” on her resulted in her “being unreasonably seized in violation of her right under the 4th amendment to the United States Constitution.” She is seeking compensation of $2.5 million for her economic losses, as well as the cost of the litigation.

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