Meetsy: An App Developed By Two College Students Changing The Future Of Social Networking Amid COVID-19

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Los Angeles, USA, Sept. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As sophomores at USC and UC Berkeley, Daniel Hanasab and Sean Toobi have developed an app called Meetsy that is changing the way we initiate face-to-face conversations amid the global pandemic lockdown. In just a couple of months, Daniel and Sean have taken the start-up world by storm with tons of venture capital attention because of their impressive team and innovative approach. The beta-tester waitlist continues to increase as buzz around Meetsy grows. Meetsy is now an incubated company through the University of Southern California’s affiliated Troy Labs, with many venture-backed start-up founders as mentors.

Meetsy Mission

In today’s world, many times we find ourselves in a room with everyone glued to their screens. It's a comfortable escape from everything surrounding us, but it also deprives us of many potential adventures and opportunities. Our phones are such powerful and useful tools, but they have sadly come at the expense of the social opportunities and impromptu conversations that are so valuable. “We thought if we can’t take phones away to bring back these cherished face-to-face conversations, why don’t we leverage our phones as a tool to foster genuine relationships?” (Daniel Hanasab)

All social networking platforms around today, including Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook, have a vested interest in consuming as much of the user’s time as possible and creating an addictive “head-down” platform where screen time is king. Daniel and Sean recognized the negative effects of addictive application designs that claim to connect people but are polarizing and isolating by nature. The market lacks a platform that both minimizes screen-time and promotes in-person relationships rather than online interaction. Meetsy was born from this need of fostering face-to-face interactions without countless hours of swiping and scrolling.

Meetsy is the first “head-up” social network platform where quality in-person conversation is king, not screen-time. “Technology has pushed the bounds on countless fronts; now it's time to change the way we meet friends.” (Sean Toobi)

What Makes Meetsy Unique?

Every time you enter a room, chances are, you miss the opportunity to meet others with core similarities. Meetsy solves this problem of social blindness by offering the first hyper-localized networking platform that connects you to others based on interests. The app notifies you in real-time of people with commonalities in the same room, allowing you to skip the swipes and make meaningful relationships.

On the Meetsy app, users can build a profile and include attributes that they would like to share with others. For extra special qualities, users can choose to get notified when someone in the room shares that quality. Then, users "Wave" at potential friends that share similarities and proceed to jump right into face-to-face conversation. After meeting, cross-platform integration allows users to seamlessly share their social media accounts and keep the conversation going.

Meetsy has flipped social networking and online dating on its head with its innovative meetup approach. Competitors match people based on age and location, and users need to swipe through hundreds of names and superficial conversations before meeting someone in-person. Instead, Meetsy matches its users based on core similarities and proximity in real-time, encouraging people to have authentic face-to-face interactions. In a world where only 50% of Tinder users meet a match face-to-face, Meetsy helps people make new relationships that are 100% genuine.

Meetsy also partners with local businesses to become “Meetsy Hubs” that provide unique benefits for Meetsy users. This solution is especially relevant among businesses currently facing increasing pressures due to COVID-19.

Meetsy is prepared to help people make every outing an opportunity for love, friendship, and professional relationships. You can watch their YouTube video on the platform here. In addition, the team will be releasing a Founders Podcast in October of 2020.

Meet Your Founders

Sean Toobi: Sean Toobi, Co-Founder of Meetsy, is a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. He was admitted as a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar and plans to pursue a double major in Business Administration and Data Science. Recently, Sean worked for the prominent Israeli VC firm iAngels, where he composed due diligence on prospective startups seeking funding. Now, Sean brings his experience to Meetsy to develop revenue models and growth strategies.

Daniel Hanasab: Daniel Hanasab, Co-Founder of Meetsy, is a sophomore at the University of Southern California and is on track to receive his undergraduate business degree a year early, in May of 2022. He was recently brought on as Chief of Staff at Zoom University, and since then the team went from concept to fully functional application recently ranked 9th in the App Store for social networking and were recently mentioned in Forbes for its astonishing growth. Now, Daniel brings his experience in leadership, management, product development, and marketing to Meetsy to ensure astounding growth and market disruption.

Meetsy Recruitment

The Meetsy team is a passionate, supportive, and growth-oriented group, driven by the future and the potential it holds. They welcome outreach from those who are ambitious to create the world we all envision. Please visit for open positions.

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