Moldova to file lawsuit against Gazprom for creating energy crisis

Gazprom is to blame for the fact that Moldova is now forced to purchase gas and electricity on the international market, said Spinu. The country will demand compensation for losses, as it is Gazprom’s fault the country had to redirect funds and take loans.

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Gazprom has lost its reputation as a reliable partner, the minister said. Moldovan lawyers are already preparing the details of the appeal.

“They are simply ignoring their commitments, and will have to pay for it,” Spinu said.

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“Gazprom can do anything. In the last year they have shown us that they are capable of anything. When you ask me what Gazprom can do, I did not answer. They cut off the gas to all of Europe. They shut off the gas to the Bulgarians, the Italians, the Germans. They closed the tap to Ukraine, disconnected Poland, Finland.”

“We can store the purchased gas anywhere. It’s not up to Putin to tell us,” Spinu said in response to the Russian dictator’s statement that Moldova stores part of its purchased gas in Ukraine.

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Recently, German companies have also been flooding Gazprom with lawsuits. A second German energy company in a row, RWE, has initiated arbitration proceedings against Gazprom due to the lack of contracted gas supplies.

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