Cheating at Pokemon Go is easier than ever with this clever screen protector

To the dismay of Pokemon Go fans the world over, Niantic has disabled many of the most effective cheats for the game. Some of these seemed more like helpful tools than game-breaking hacks, but nevertheless, they're gone now.

Thankfully, even though Niantic can kill off Pokevision, there's nothing they can do about a screen protector to help you catch Pokemon.

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Meet Supershot Go: a screen protector with "a center groove to help guide you through perfect Poke Ball pitches." Have you ever misjudged the distance from your screen to the virtual monster in the environment? It can be infuriating to repeatedly toss Poke Balls into the distance, effectively wasting valuable resource. But with Supershot Go, you might never miss again.

According to Gizmodo, the Supershot Go was invented by Johnny Lai, and unlike other protectors, it doesn't leave a sticky film when you remove it. It's also thicker than a screen protector you'd pick up at an electronics store, so as to make it easier to feel the grooves when you're tossing a Poke Ball.

In addition to the center groove, there are also curved grooves on each side, in case you want to spin your Poke Ball before you toss it. (This would typically award you with additional experience points, but the feature is broken as of the latest update). Finally, Supershot Go should work on any phone of 4.3 inches or more.

If you want one of your own, they're only $8 on

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