Coulter: Politico would not have published Cain story if he were white

On the early Tuesday morning broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye,” show ombudsman Andy Levy took issue with the recent sexual harassment accusations against Herman Cain being called a “witch hunt” and a “high-tech lynching.” Conservative columnist Ann Coulter was having none of it.

“I am not a fan of racism when there is actual racism,” Coulter said. “When they say opposition to Obamacare is because Obama is black, yes: That is B.S. When they go after Clarence Thomas because they want to keep a pro-life justice off the Supreme Court, who happens to be black — their only defense of this rotten president is, ‘Oh Republicans are racist,’ and then bring the nonsense charges. The same thing that Democrats in the South accused blacks of for a hundred years: ‘Oh, the over-sexual black man’ and then they turned around a hundred years later and do the same thing. This is a high-tech lynching.”

Coulter really let loose when Levy asked if she thought the website Politico would have written a similar story about Cain if he were white.



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