Sulli's actual height found out to be 169.8cm

Sulli's actual height found out to be 169.8cm

Sulli revealed her actual height.

On 28th, Sulli appeared on SBS 'Strong Heart' with Min Ho, and entertained the viewers with their great talks.

Sulli told that she hates her tall height, and claimed that her height doesn't go over 170cm. However, her profile on the internet says that she is 174cm tall, and Lee Teuk revealed a photo of Sulli with 2NE1, and IU, which made her to be called 'Giant Sulli'.

Then, the MCs suggested measuring her height on the spot, and Sulli decided to do so even though she was worried.

The precise height of Sulli was found out to be 169.8cm, and Sulli made a bright smile after checking that her height wasn't over 170cm.

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