Top 10 Best Adjustable Beds to Upgrade Your Health, Sleep and Lifestyle

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Adjustable beds, originally used to care for wounded soldiers of the 1st world war, have made their way into 21st century homes thanks to their many sleep, lifestyle, and health benefits. Today’s best rated adjustable beds are known to (1) improve sleep quality across all groups of sleepers including pregnant women and seniors, (2) alleviate pains related to arthritis, back problems, sciatica etc., (3) improve breathing and digestion, (4) stop snoring, (5) reduce swellings, (6) ease symptoms of restless leg syndrome, (7) give a relaxing massage in the zero-gravity position and (8) enhance partner independence while sleeping.

Modern-day best adjustable beds come with a wide variety of features like (1) pillow tilting, (2) wall hugging, (3) programmable memory positions, (4) lumbar support, (5) upholstered furniture-style decking, (6) preset positions like zero-gravity, anti-snore, TV watching, (7) storage bed compatibility, (8) under-bed lighting, (9) height adjustable legs, and (10) advanced head and foot massage options.

“The good news is that the current marketplace has dozens of adjustable bed frames to choose from. The bad news is that choosing the adjustable base that satisfies one’s personal needs can be a daunting task for most shoppers” says Belinda Palmer, a spokesperson for Bedroom Solutions.

This is where this Unique TOP 10 Adjustable Bed Comparison published by Bedroom Solutions comes in handy. This unique and detailed review of adjustable bases has been compiled after analyzing over 80 adjustable bases, 33 adjustable bed specs and over 1200 consumer reviews. Their extensive research has uncovered the 10 Most Useful features out of which 3 have been categorized as Critical Specs’. Bedroom Solutions’ adjustable bed ranking is based on the (1) range of specs offered by the adjustable bases, (2) manufacturer reputation, (3) consumer reports, (4) warranty period, and (5) the pricing structure.

Using the above criteria, first they categorize adjustable bases as high-end, mid-range and entry-level beds. Secondly, they assign scores to the top-rated brands within each category and rank them according to the cumulative score obtained. “Not everybody needs an expensive adjustable bed with premium features like independent pillow tilting, lumbar support, programmable memory positions, and wall hugger technology. Such individuals can choose a mid-range or entry-level base that fits their budget. However, if you are closing in on the senior years, it is highly recommended that you choose an adjustable bed equipped with these specifications. That is because they will save your neck, back and hips from various age-related joint and muscle sprains that can take place during reading, watching TV from bed, or reaching for your nightstand” Palmer emphasizes.

“Our visitors mostly come for the online reviews which help them find out which adjustable bed frame suits them best. At the time of writing this, the DynastyMattressDM9000sadjustable bed wins the award for the overall best adjustable bed. However, this changes from time to time as newer models with more useful features are introduced by adjustable bed companies” Palmer elaborates. According to the authors, various adjustable bed brands like Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0, Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Plus, and Reverie 8Q have held this coveted position in the past. However, with the introduction of the more feature-rich, yet more economical DM9000s in 2019, this bed has cruised to the top position. They provide a unique and detailed comparison which compares the above adjustable bed brands with best mid-range and entry-level brands like Layla, iDealBed, Nectar, Purple, Bear, Yaasa and Milemont. In addition to the previously discussed premium features, this comparison table looks at many other features like availability of USB ports, wireless remote controllers, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone compatibility, manufacturer reputation and warranty information. The comparison table is followed by detailed reviews of the top 10 adjustable beds. This section discusses the pros and cons of each power base compared to other models.

“Picking a compatible adjustable bed mattress can be just as important as choosing the right electricbase” Palmer insists. Latex and innerspring mattresses are the best suited mattresses for adjustable bases because they can flex seamlessly with the head and foot articulations of the base. Modern, individually wrapped pocket coil hybrid spring mattresses also work while traditional innerspring mattresses are not recommended to be used on adjustable bases nowadays. While organic latex mattresses can be expensive, they are usually considered the best type of adjustable mattress for sizes including full, queen, king, and split king adjustable beds.

In addition to rating the best bases, Bedroom Solutions recently published a detailed adjustable bed buyer’s guide. This guide breaks down the process of selecting an adjustable bed into three simple steps. This is a highly recommended read for anyone interested in purchasing an adjustable bed, but not sure which features and brand suits them best.

Now that you have a fairly good idea about the health benefits of adjustable beds, popular brands, features available, prices, and even adjustable mattresses, which adjustable bed would you choose as your nighttime companion?

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