Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Four of technology along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
The latest news and discussion about the tech giant in the post-Steve Jobs era.
  • Technology ethics campaigners offer plan to fight 'human downgrading'

    Technology ethics campaigners offer plan to fight 'human downgrading'

    Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin are the co-founders of the nonprofit Center for Humane Technology and the ones who prompted Apple and Google to nudge phone users toward reducing their screen time. Now they want companies and regulators to focus on reversing what they called "human downgrading," which they see as at the root of a dozen worsening problems, by reconsidering the design and financial incentives of their systems. Before a hand-picked crowd of about 300 technologists, philanthropists and others concerned with issues such as internet addiction, political polarization, and the spread of misinformation on the web, Harris said Silicon Valley was too focused on making computers surpass human strengths, rather than worrying about how they already exploit human weaknesses.

  • Apple's Radical New iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape

    Apple's Radical New iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape

    Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Apple's new iPhone plans have been heavily leaked and, while the motivations are sound, the result is the ugliest iPhone to date. How did this happen? I suspect it is because Apple is currently working on a truly radical iPhone which is now taking shape. For months, Apple has been showing us how it will build a folding iPhone, from the screen orientation, hinge design and structural integrity to the internal dynamics required to make glass fold. And now the exceptional tech graphic designer Concept Creator has fleshed them out. Working with me, Concept Creator has followed up his iPhone Flex hinge concept video (embedded below), with renders

  • Apple (AAPL) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

    Apple (AAPL) Outpaces Stock Market Gains: What You Should Know

    Apple (AAPL) closed at $207.35 in the latest trading session, marking a +1.38% move from the prior day.

  • 4 Reasons Apple Stock Is Likely to Fall After Earnings

    4 Reasons Apple Stock Is Likely to Fall After Earnings

    Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock has rallied over the past month on irrational exuberance about the company's upcoming streaming offering. The exuberance is irrational because, as I explained in a previous column, there are many reasons why Apple's streaming offering is very unlikely to ever move the needle for Apple stock.Source: Shutterstock But even if I'm wrong, and the streaming product turns out be the savior of Apple stock, in all likelihood, it won't be a major catalyst for AAPL stock right after AAPL reports its second-quarter results on Apr 30. That's because the streaming product is not supposed to actually launch until this fall,As a result, in the immediate aftermath of the company's results, investors will probably focus on the likely year-over-year decline of its overall revenue and the continued anemic growth of demand for new iPhones.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsMeanwhile, even some of the most outspoken bulls on Apple stock have indicated that AAPL stock has probably peaked for the time being. Furthermore, Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.A,BRK.B) company owned nearly 250 million shares of Apple stock as of February, recently sounded very bearish on the outlook for the company's streaming product. * 7 Digital Ad Stocks That Deserve Your Attention Right Now So the main, positive catalyst that's been boosting Apple stock shouldn't be a factor in the wake of its Q2 results.With that catalyst on the back burner, most investors will probably focus on the company's multiple problems and negative indicators. Here's a list of four of those negative catalysts. Apple's Overall Revenue Will Probably Decline Year-Over-YearAAPL has predicted that its Q2 revenue would be $55 billion to $59 billion. During the same period a year earlier, its top line came in at $61.1 billion. Although Apple's guidance is known for being conservative, analysts' consensus estimate for the company's Q2 top line is $57.4 billion. Since analysts are very experienced with Apple's guidance habits, the company's top line probably dropped YoY in Q2. Such a decline would likely further undermine investors' confidence in AAPL, putting pressure on AAPL stock. There Are Multiple Signs That iPhone Revenue Growth Continues to Be Anemic, at BestAfter AAPL reported that its iPhone revenue had tumbled 15% year-over-year in Q1, AAPL meaningfully cut the devices' prices in both China and India. The significant price cuts indicate that iPhone sales haven't exactly made a huge comeback in those countries. The same is probably true for other developing countries.Meanwhile, multiple analysts have issued negative assessments of AAPL in general and iPhone sales in particular.Last month, Longbow analyst Shawn Harrison warned that iPhone trends were moving "from bad to worse," Fortune reported. The situation in China was particularly negative, the publication quoted the website as saying. Reiterating his "neutral" rating on Apple stock, Harrison added, "Without iPhone demand acceleration on the horizon, we currently do not see any catalysts near term to drive significant EPS upside."Furthermore, Forbes columnist Ewan Spence in late February noted that UBS had lowered its estimates of sales of AAPL's most expensive iPhones by 3 million units. UBS raised its estimates of iPhone unit sales for the current quarter by 2 million.But Spence pointed out that such a performance would lower Apple's average selling price while potentially making the most popular Apple devices technologically inferior to their Android counterparts. JPMorgan, meanwhile, after speaking with Apple suppliers, expects iPhone revenue to decline for the current quarter.Taking a much more upbeat view of Apple stock last month and this month was Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty -- who is always upbeat on AAPL stock. In March, she wrote that demand for the iPhone in China was stabilizing, and in April the analyst stated that the growth of the number of iPhones in use in China had reached a 15-month high. Still, as I'll show in the next section, even Huberty appears to think that Apple stock may soon run out of steam. Even Apple Stock Bulls Are Getting CautiousFor all her optimism about AAPL, Huberty's price target on Apr. 12 was $220, less than 10% above the current price of AAPL stock. And InvestorPlace's Tezcan Gecgil recently wrote:"Although I firmly believe that Apple stock will perform well in the long-term , on a short-term basis, it may be a good idea to take profits in Apple stock before the company's earnings call on Apr. 30. …. Q2 numbers are likely to affect investors' sentiment towards Apple stock and drive the share price for several weeks."Additionally, when asked about AAPL's streaming project, Buffett recently was less than enthusiastic. "I'd love to see them succeed, but that's a company that can afford a mistake or two," Buffett told CNBC.When even Apple's biggest cheerleaders (and the owner of huge amounts of AAPL stock) express caution about AAPL, it's probably a good idea for all investors to sell their AAPL stock for the time being. iTunes App Store Workarounds Could Start to Sting Apple StockIn a column published last November, I noted, citing TechCrunch, that "Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has reportedly been testing a new system that will prevent its new customers in 33 countries outside the U.S. from using iTunes to pay for their subscriptions,." If NFLX ever decided to implement that system, and other major app developers followed suit, AAPL stock could be meaningfully impacted, I showed.Well, NFLX has taken that step for new subscribers, and The Financial Times has followed suit, while Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) had previously taken the step back in 2016. In all likelihood, many large and medium-sized apps have taken the plunge or will do so soon. * 10 High-Yielding Dividend Stocks That Won't Wilt The Bottom Line on Apple StockThe strong headwinds facing Apple stock are likely to come into much greater focus in the wake of the company's Q2 results, pushing AAPL stock much lower. Meanwhile, even bulls have become cautious about Apple stock at its current, elevated level. Therefore, investors should take profits in AAPL stock ahead of its Q2 results.As of this writing, Larry Ramer did not own shares of any of the companies mentioned. More From InvestorPlace * 2 Toxic Pot Stocks You Should Avoid * 7 Tech Stocks With Too Much Risk, Not Enough Upside * 7 Companies That Are Closing the CEO-Worker Wage Gap * 7 Video Game ETFs That Will Make You a Winner Compare Brokers The post 4 Reasons Apple Stock Is Likely to Fall After Earnings appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • A 5G Apple iPhone will be an important event for the market: Verizon CEO
    Yahoo Finance

    A 5G Apple iPhone will be an important event for the market: Verizon CEO

    Verizon Communications Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg talked to Yahoo Finance about the company's 5G rollout.

  • Risks Are Mounting for Apple Stock as This Year’s Comeback Goes Too Far

    Risks Are Mounting for Apple Stock as This Year’s Comeback Goes Too Far

    For a brief time late last year, it looked like the market was coming around to my long-held skepticism toward Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The shares fell sharply in the last three months of 2018. At the lows, AAPL stock had lost over one-third of its value.Source: Yuanbin Du Via FlickrThe fear was slowing iPhone sales -- long a large part of the bear case on AAPL. Egged on by the plunging broader market, the Apple stock price unsurprisingly fell, losing almost 24% in the final two months of the year while the Nasdaq Composite index shed 9.4%.So far in 2019, however, investors seem much less worried. AAPL has climbed back, rising 29%. But the problems still are there and, in fact, they're getting worse. iPhone sales look like they're stalling out, which puts pressure on the services business. The news on both fronts hasn't been great of late yet Apple stock keeps climbing. Once again, I believe it's gone too far.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Hardware Problems for Apple StockThe core part of the bear case for Apple -- and the reason AAPL stock, even at the highs, traded at relatively low earnings multiples -- is that iPhone sales growth is stalling out, and could get worse. Replacement cycles are lengthening. Incremental improvements are less impressive.Apple is trying to improve the camera in its next line, for instance, but that's not of enormous interest to many current iPhone owners. With unit prices around $1,000, Apple can't do much on the pricing front, either. * 5 Dividend Stocks Perfect for Retirees And the iPhone still drives more than 60% of revenue even with iPhone sales dropping 15% in fiscal Q1. If those sales stay negative, Apple's growth is going to grind to a halt.That problem doesn't seem to be getting better. Analyst firm OTR Global just cut its estimates for fiscal Q2 and fiscal Q3. Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) is projecting a 12% decline this year. Another smaller outfit is projecting weakness as well.That's the revenue problem. Meanwhile, Apple surprisingly settled with Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) -- which will hit the iPhone on the cost side as well, reportedly to the tune of $9 per unit. With Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) unable to deliver its 5G modem on time, Apple really had no choice.Again, worries about hardware that sent the Apple stock price tumbling just a few months ago. Yet with those worries mounting, investors seem surprisingly sanguine. The Services IssueApple is betting that its services business can pick up the slack from a growth standpoint. As I argued back in February, I simply don't see that business as big enough. That category generated just 13% of revenue in the first quarter, if admittedly at higher margins.Here, too, there's concerning news. Major companies are getting tired of paying the so-called "Apple tax" for running subscriptions through iPhone apps. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) cut off in-app subscriptions at the end of 2018. Now, streaming music provider Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) has filed a complaint with the European Commission over the App Store. * 10 S&P 500 Stocks to Weather the Earnings Storm To be sure, the concerns about the App Store don't mean the Services business is going to stop growing. But the increasing unease of major customers to keep paying as much as 30% to Apple is a problem. And, again, AAPL stock has risen almost 30% this year. From here, between disappointing earnings, rising hardware concerns, and pressure on a key (and enormously profitable) revenue stream in services, the gains don't seem to much make sense. AAPL Stock Is Cheap, But…AAPL bulls might respond that Apple stock is cheap -- and it is. Backing out the company's net cash, the shares trade at about 15x FY19 analyst EPS estimates.But in the context of current results, even that multiple doesn't seem all that cheap. At 15x, there's an assumption that earnings are going to grow for years to come. And it's difficult to argue forcefully that will be the case.From a more near-term standpoint, the question is why AAPL stock has been so strong in 2019. To be sure, some investors may have seen the late 2018 sell-off as overdone -- and perhaps it was. But the stock now is back above $200; it's been quite a bounce.And with that bounce, AAPL stock truthfully looks expensive. 2019 has been great to Apple as a stock; but it's actually been a disappointing year for Apple as a business. It's going to have get a lot better, quickly, for Apple stock to even hold these levels.As of this writing, Vince Martin has no positions in any securities mentioned. More From InvestorPlace * 2 Toxic Pot Stocks You Should Avoid * 7 Tech Stocks With Too Much Risk, Not Enough Upside * 7 Companies That Are Closing the CEO-Worker Wage Gap * 7 Video Game ETFs That Will Make You a Winner Compare Brokers The post Risks Are Mounting for Apple Stock as This Year's Comeback Goes Too Far appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Is Finally Available on Spotify and Apple Music

    Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Is Finally Available on Spotify and Apple Music

    As exclusively revealed by Variety last week, Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album — which had been exclusively available for streaming on Tidal — is now available across all major streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. Upon its release in 2016, sources close to the singer said that the album would be a Tidal exclusive “in perpetuity,” […]

  • Apple employs an in-house philosopher but won’t let him talk to the press

    Apple employs an in-house philosopher but won’t let him talk to the press

    He works at Apple University, a highly secretive organization that trains Apple employees

  • Does JC Penney Accept Apple Pay? Not Anymore …

    Does JC Penney Accept Apple Pay? Not Anymore …

    JC Penney (NYSE:JCP) announced that the retailer will no longer be accepting Apple Pay (NASDAQ:AAPL) moving forward, despite allowing consumers to utilize the app in the past.The department store chain announced that the days in which you can use Apple Pay at its physical stores or on its iOS app are over… at least for now. It is unclear if the service will return to its stores sometime in the future."JCPenney made the decision to remove Apple Pay for our stores, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused," the company wrote on a tweet last Saturday. "We will definitely forward your feedback regarding this for review."InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsThe business decided to tweet the move to the public after receiving a complaint from a customer who mentioned that his wife was unable to make a purchase using Apple Pay at one of its locations."@jcpenney my wife went to your store today to buy stuff. She had her phone ready to pay and was told you guys removed Applepay. Why would you remove a very secure form of payment? Do you not care about your customers security? stupididea Security," wrote @TheCombaticons.The decision drew some criticism as there were customers who noted that some of JC Penney's rivals accept Apple Pay, including the likes of Kohls and Target. The chain added Apple Pay originally back in 2017 nationwide following a 2015 test.JCP stock is up about 2% on Monday. AAPL stock is up 0.3%. More From InvestorPlace * 5 Dividend Stocks Perfect for Retirees * 7 Tech Stocks With Too Much Risk, Not Enough Upside * 7 Stocks to Buy for Spring Season Growth Compare Brokers The post Does JC Penney Accept Apple Pay? Not Anymore … appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • Apple Stock Has Plenty More Room to Run

    Apple Stock Has Plenty More Room to Run

    The debate continues whether to hold Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock forever or trade it as it gyrates in the short-term. Even as mighty as it is now there are almost as many analysts who rate the stock as a BUY or HOLD. But none of them have a SELL rating on it, so it is always an opportunity to own Apple stock if you want to hold it long enough.Source: Shutterstock So the right answer lies somewhere in between and totally depends on the investor time frame. The long-term thesis of AAPL is viable for as long as the stock market is a rising investment vehicle. But I also believe in trying to maximize profits wherever and whenever possible from short-term opportunities along the way.First, let's consider the bullish thesis for Apple stock. Year-to-date, it is up 30%, which is almost double that of the S&P 500. In five years it is up 150%, three times the S&P. So clearly the proof is in the pudding as they say.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsAlthough I am not a fan of the products for myself, I do respect that they are beautiful and functional. This is a matter of taste as I've always leaned towards PC and Android systems. But what I respect most about AAPL stock is the hold the company has on its clients. * 10 Best Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever AAPL clientele is the most dedicated I've ever seen to a company. Price is never a problem for the users, and they gladly admit that they are stuck in its eco-system. Clearly, it has a sustainable advantage.Now for the bad part. What I like the least about Apple stock long term is that its fate is in the hands of Tim Cook. The experts praise him for increasing the value of the company since he took it over. While it's impossible to prove, it is very likely that AAPL stock would have succeeded just the same even without a leader at the helm.And therein lies part of the opportunity today. While Apple is still is a cash generating machine and the stock remains a BUY for a few years to come, I can use it to profit short term. I can snipe technical opportunities under the pretext of a longer thesis.Apple reports earnings at the end of the month. Usually AAPL stock rallies into the event, but after it's a binary reaction to the results. So the opportunity for the trade started the day they announced a settlement with Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM). The Best Way to Approach Apple StockI took advantage of the opportunity intra-day. Apple stock suddenly spiked on volume before the actual announcement. Some on Wall Street knew the news before it happened. I went long the stock and the trade has been a big win already, but it is not done yet.So I will hold my position long into its earnings report. AAPL is likely to spin a positive story from the QCOM settlement. And with the size of its profit and loss statement, they can back it up. Tim Cook has become a spin doctor of late and there is no reason to doubt his promises yet.The consensus is that Apple is lagging in important areas, especially on the transition to 5G. But they will probably guide well enough to reignite hope for the fans. We all know they're going to crush it as they always do. And this time they can even hide any iPhone sales weakness since they no longer report unit sales. This makes it hard for critics to find a single reason to sell the event. The balance sheet and its P&L are large enough that it will be very easy to hide any weaknesses in one particular segment. * 7 No-Load Mutual Funds to Buy The fundamental reason to own Apple stock is easy. This is the premier company on the planet and it has the financial statements to back it up. And it sells at a price-to-earnings ratio of 14, which is the cheapest of the technology mega caps. The fact that Walt Street doesn't give AAPL stock its due is a tradition, so that alone is not a reason to own it for a specific period of time. Luckily this time, going into the earnings report AAPL also has a short-term technical spark.Last week, AAPL stock triggered a bullish chart pattern that should target $220 per share. While nothing is guaranteed, there is a high chance that it reaches it soon. This either happens going into the earnings, or Tim Cook will surprise investors with a strong report card that would finish this pattern.Today's trade is tactically designed to capture the price action around one event. But also long-term, AAPL is a stock to own, so it will eventually get to my target in case this short-term trigger fails to fill its upside potential on this run.Once AAPL stock crossed the $200 per share zone it triggered a buy signal that should invite buyers of the stock for an additional $20 per share. Along the way, there will be areas of resistance but also open gaps that will be magnetic.It is important to note that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) reports first this week and AAPL could move in sympathy with it. This is also be a binary outcome to add to the short-term uncertainty.Nicolas Chahine is the managing director of As of this writing, he did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. You can follow him as @racernic on Twitter and Stocktwits. More From InvestorPlace * 2 Toxic Pot Stocks You Should Avoid * 7 Tech Stocks With Too Much Risk, Not Enough Upside * 7 Companies That Are Closing the CEO-Worker Wage Gap * 7 Video Game ETFs That Will Make You a Winner Compare Brokers The post Apple Stock Has Plenty More Room to Run appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • Apple May Also Tap Samsung as 5G Modem Supplier
    Motley Fool

    Apple May Also Tap Samsung as 5G Modem Supplier

    The South Korean conglomerate would supplement Qualcomm's chip supply to Apple.

  • Apple could make the iPhone's NFC more useful at WWDC

    Apple could make the iPhone's NFC more useful at WWDC

    Apple has a lot in the cards for WWDC, and that might include improvements for... well, cards. The 9to5Mac team and Steve Troughton-Smith claim to have details of developer-friendly updates that will be unveiled in early June, and NFC support would be in line for a serious upgrade. App developers will finally have the option to read NFC tags based on ISO 7816 (usually ID and access cards), FeliCa (Japan's tap-based system) and MiFare (a popular mass transit format).

  • Apple Is a Major AWS Customer
    Motley Fool

    Apple Is a Major AWS Customer

    The Mac maker is on track to spend $360 million on Amazon's cloud platform this year.

  • Samsung delays Galaxy Fold phone launch over screen problems

    Samsung delays Galaxy Fold phone launch over screen problems

    Last week, reviewers started posting problems with the device on Twitter, but as of Friday the company did not know the root cause of the screen defects, according to Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, who said he was in direct contact with the company. About 50 units of the $1,980 foldable device had been sent for review to journalists, analysts and bloggers in the United States ahead of a planned April 26 launch, Moorhead said. Four units sent to journalists and a YouTube personality contained problems, according to their posts on Twitter.