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The Federal Government of the United States (U.S. Federal Government) is the national government of the United States, a federal republic in North America, composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and several island possessions. The federal government is composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial, whose powers are vested by the U.S. Constitution in the Congress, the President, and the federal courts, respectively.
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  • Editorial: House proposes to set up a 'slush fund' for Beacon Hill caucuses

    Editorial: House proposes to set up a 'slush fund' for Beacon Hill caucuses

    There are bad ideas and then there are simply dreadful ideas. A move to allow House caucuses on Beacon Hill to raise and spend money from outside sources — without identifying those sources — is definitely in the latter category. Now, legislative caucuses come in all shapes and sizes. There are, in fact, 14 of them registered with the House clerk's office. Leaders of the House Progressive Caucus, for example, proudly announced this week that their numbers have reached a record high of 60. Some of the other larger ones, the Caucus of Women Legislators and the Black and Latino Caucus, operate with staff funded by the taxpayers, but also maintain private bank accounts that receive funds usually

  • Daily Mail

    ROSS CLARK reveals the truth about what Brexit without a deal would REALLY mean

    We have heard grim warnings about empty shops, gridlocked ports and even the taps running dry as chemicals used by British water companies to purify the supply are held up in transit. Such doom-laden predictions in the event of No Deal might seem familiar to some. Before the referendum, Remainers claimed that a vote to Leave would have similarly terrible consequences – yet few of these have materialised. So, are the awful warnings of a No Deal Brexit merely a rerun of Project Fear, or should we be concerned? What is the threat to jobs? Few economists believe that a No Deal Brexit would boost the economy in the short-term. The bank Credit Suisse predicts it would lead to a short recession in which

  • Now that MPs' jobs are done, the real campaigning starts
    Mail & Guardian

    Now that MPs' jobs are done, the real campaigning starts

    The final sitting of the National Assembly has set the tone for a bruising six-week battle for political parties ahead of the May 8 general elections. Farewell speeches by MPs are usually collegial, amicable and generally sentimental about the five years shared on the benches of the chamber and in parliamentary committees. There was all that on Wednesday, but the usual bonhomie was dampened by the sombre news of the suicide of ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu's daughter, Khwezi, and, unusually, there was some political point-scoring. Also, political party leaders were absent from the debate because it clashed with the Independent Electoral Commission's code of conduct signing ceremony in Randburg on Wednesday.

  • Common Cause Exec Says Watch U.S. Court Next Week Regarding Gerrymandering

    Common Cause Exec Says Watch U.S. Court Next Week Regarding Gerrymandering

    Attorneys for Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos argue their client is immune from civil legal action. The powerful Republican is refusing to testify in the federal lawsuit over the drawing of state political boundary maps. Democrats asked the federal panel of judges to force Vos to sit for a deposition and turn over documents related to the case. They say the boundaries he helped draw were illegally gerrymandered. That case is likely to be heard in the lower federal court this summer. Jay Heck of Common Cause of Wisconsin says two other cases that the U.S. Supreme Court is considering next week could have an impact on Wisconsin even before the state's case is heard.. "...The U.S. Supreme Court

  • Some Fishers residents are waiting and waiting for the mail to arrive
    WTHR Indianapolis

    Some Fishers residents are waiting and waiting for the mail to arrive

    FISHERS, Ind. (WTHR) - For the past few days, John Weissert has gone out to check for mail and every day it's the same thing....his mailbox is empty. "I did not get any (mail) Tuesday, Wednesday, today, it's highly unusual," he said. Especially since Weissert's wife signed up for Informed Delivery, a website that lets postal customers preview mail scheduled to "arrive soon." As of early afternoon Thursday, the Weisserts had 74 mailpieces in waiting. Checking the app, he said, "for today it was 13 pieces of mail, yesterday 13, Tuesday 16, Monday 19." He wants to know where that mail is and why it's not being delivered. He's not alone. Others in his neighborhood and surrounding ones have taken

  • Deseret News

    Florida man pleads guilty to mailing bombs to Trump foes

    NEW YORK — A Florida man pleaded guilty Thursday to sending pipe bombs to CNN and prominent critics of President Donald Trump in a wave of attacks that harmed no one but spread fear of political violence across the U.S. for days leading up to last fall's midterm elections. Cesar Sayoc, 57, sobbed as he entered the plea before a federal judge in New York. "I'm extremely sorry," he said, adding that he never intended for the devices to explode. He could get life in prison at sentencing Sept. 12 on 65 counts, including using weapons of mass destruction and mailing explosives with intent to kill. In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors dropped a charge that carried a mandatory life sentence.

  • Several 2020 Democrats say they won't speak at AIPAC summit

    Several 2020 Democrats say they won't speak at AIPAC summit

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris won't attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual conference in Washington next week. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is considering an independent bid for president, will also avoid the conference. The moves come as the liberal advocacy group MoveOn has called on Democrats presidential candidates to skip this year's policy conference. Aides to the White House hopefuls confirmed their decisions. All requested anonymity to discuss scheduling. Several Democrats seeking the presidency have spoken at the group's annual conference in the past. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

  • WNDU 16 South Bend

    Bus safety bill suffers a setback

    The MAXSTRONG school bus safety bill was weakened today on the floor of the Indiana House of Representatives. A bill that largely dealt with getting stop arms cameras on more Indiana school buses was today stripped of any mere mention of them. “Too many kids are going to die If we continue to do what we've been doing and not protecting them on school buses,” said Ind. Rep. B. Patrick Bauer, (D) South Bend, who was a co-sponsor of the bill who will end up voting against it. But others objected to language that would have allowed school corporations to install cameras now and pay for them later using fines collected from stop arm violators. “I have a very strong philosophical opposition to revenue

  • Children's progress is more than kissing babies
    Mail & Guardian

    Children's progress is more than kissing babies

    COMMENT Early childhood development (ECD) is universally recognised for its concern with the foundation years of life, focusing on the holistic development of a child's potential. It is during the first six years of a child's life that much learning takes place and is developed. The early years influence a range of education, health and social outcomes. Research has shown that investment in early childhood is the most powerful investment a country can make, with substantial returns over a person's lifetime and for society as a whole. ECD has become a key component of education provision globally. By providing quality programmes, children are given a head start in life that enables them to progress

  • LEVY: Hate report sent back to drawing board
    Toronto Sun

    LEVY: Hate report sent back to drawing board

    In an unanimous vote, the executive committee sent the city's executive director of people, equity and human rights back to the drawing board to review how the annual June event can be banned from using city property. As I reported Thursday, the lame, buck-passing report — two years in the making and which included consultation with 55 people — provides no insight into how the Al Quds organizers can be prevented from using the city of Toronto park behind Queen's Park as they have illegally (without a proper permit) for the past two years. Last year's rally, one sanctioned by the Iranian regime, featured demonstrators waving the Hezbollah flag and young children carrying signs that equated Zionism to racism and called for Israel boycotts.

  • https://www.oneindia.com

    Cong announces candidates for Lok Sabha, Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh

    New Delhi, Mar 21: The Congress on Thursday announced the names of its candidates for three Lok Sabha constituencies and 45 Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh. For the Lok Sabha polls, the Congress has fielded Ramana Kumari Pedada from Vishakhapatnam, Narahrasetti Narasimha Rao from Vijayawada, and J Lakshmi Narasimha Yadav from Nandyal. With this, the Congress has named its candidates for all the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state. The total number of Lok Sabha candidates declared by the Congress so far stands at 149. The party also declared 45 candidates for the Assembly polls on Thursday. Earlier, the Congress had declared 132 candidates for the Assembly polls. Four candidates have been

  • Ivanka Trump's recordkeeping comes into question; lawyer disputes she's not in compliance
    WSFA 12 Montgomery

    Ivanka Trump's recordkeeping comes into question; lawyer disputes she's not in compliance

    The dispute arose as Cummings raised the latest concern about the use of private email and messaging applications to conduct official White House business. It also details the use of the messaging application WhatsApp by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and of personal email accounts by other former senior White House aides that Cummings says "raises additional security and federal records concerns." Some of those communications involved a proposal to transfer U.S. nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia.

  • NYers Like Trump Better Than De Blasio, Poll Shows
    Windsor Terrace-Kensington, NY Patch

    NYers Like Trump Better Than De Blasio, Poll Shows

    New Yorkers may hate Donald Trump, but they like him better than Bill de Blasio as the Democratic mayor mulls a run for president, a new poll shows. Some 28 percent of voters statewide have a favorable opinion of the Republican president, while just 24 percent feel the same way about the mayor, according to the Quinnipiac University poll results published Thursday. "For New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who hasn't yet decided whether he'll run, his statewide net favorability rating is at an all-time low since taking office in 2014," Quinnipiac polling analyst Mary Snow said in a news release. De Blasio might take solace in the fact that he's actively disliked by a smaller share of voters than the president.

  • Bloomberg

    Brash China-Friendly Taiwan Mayor Stirs Talks of President Run

    The new mayor of the southern city of Kaohsiung last month described Taiwan and China as partners in an “arranged marriage” who had fallen “madly in love.” He’s also said that peace talks were “inevitable” between the democratically run Taiwan and the Communist Party-ruled mainland. Han’s shock defeat in November of a candidate from Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party in the ruling bloc’s stronghold catapulted him to the top of the list of possible presidential hopefuls from the China-friendly Kuomintang.

  • 'This is offensive': NZ religious leader slams call to prayer tribute for Christchurch victims
    Yahoo7 News

    'This is offensive': NZ religious leader slams call to prayer tribute for Christchurch victims

    As thousands prepare to recognise the 50 lives lost in the NZ mosque massacre, Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki says the call to prayer "is offensive to all true Christians".