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  • OLLY SMITH: Mother's Day wines brimming with affection
    Daily Mail

    OLLY SMITH: Mother's Day wines brimming with affection

    Looking for the ultimate fizz to pop for Mum this year? Here's a range of great drinks for you to pick from.  My mum loves Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc almost as much as she loves my dad, and my wine of the week is brimming with affection. Her late mum was a whisky drinker, especially those aged in sherry casks such as my Tamdhu pick this week, where the fruity-spicy interplay is a delicious duet for dram fans.  For gin sippers such as my wife, Foxhole is distilled from grapes and it's a dazzling drop from Sussex that's bang on for a zingy G&T.  And for more traditional rosé, Aldi has a Provençal beauty that's top quality for under a tenner. But for maximum impact, splash out on this Billecart-Salmon

  • Columbus Telegram

    Noem signs law that targets companies marketing 'fake meat'

    Gov. Kristi Noem has signed legislation that requires "fake meat" products to be correctly labeled, hoping to reduce the impact of lab-cultured products on the local beef market. A product is misbranded if it intentionally labels products in a false, deceptive or misleading manner that misrepresents it as meat or a meat byproduct, the law states. Noem signed the bill Monday and it will go into effect July 1, the American News reported . "In South Dakota, we are proud of our agricultural heritage.

  • Beyond mimosas: How to host the ultimate brunch bash

    Beyond mimosas: How to host the ultimate brunch bash

    It's mimosa time! Home decorating and DIY expert Monica Mangin has scoured Pinterest to gather inspiration for your next brunch bash. She's pulled together a variety of ideas — from a bubbly bar to mini frittatas — that'll turn your weekend get-together into a treat-filled celebration you won't forget! Green Juice Green juices can sometimes be a little intimidating but trust me, this drink is a crowd-pleaser. Light and refreshing, this cucumber-ginger-pear concoction is the perfect way to balance out some of those heavier brunch foods. The best part about this recipe? No juicer needed — just roughly chop up the ingredients, throw them in your blender, pour through a clean kitchen towel and voila.

  • A tiny brewery is planned for Dublin's docklands and it looks to belong to BrewDog

    A tiny brewery is planned for Dublin's docklands and it looks to belong to BrewDog

    A PLANNING APPLICATION has been submitted for a tiny microbrewery in Dublin's docklands area – and it looks to form part of Scottish craft beer maker BrewDog's plan to open a pub in the capital. The application for an “in-house micro-brewing facility” was earlier this week submitted on behalf of US real estate group Kennedy Wilson, which recently completed construction of the 690,000 sq ft mixed use development, Capital Dock, at Sir John Rogerson's Quay. According to a Sunday Times report, BrewDog recently applied for a licence to operate a bar and restaurant at the development in a two-storey building at Three Locks Square. Kennedy Wilson submitted an application in December 2018 seeking retention

  • the Guardian

    Tropical fruit recipes for spring

    Passion fruit, pineapple and papaya are here to cheer us on till sunnier days arrive It's the fruit I miss. The dark raspberries of autumn with their heady, eau-de-vie aroma. A wedge of ice-cold, scarlet watermelon eaten in the garden and the honeyed fuzz of a warm apricot in late summer. No matter. Until then, we have a stream of welcome visitors. Fruits, as if in response to our steel grey winter skies, whose juice and flesh is amber, orange and gold. Fruit that is sent to cheer us on those days that are not quite winter, not yet spring. Passion fruits, pineapples, papayas and mangoes are here to lift our spirits, as are blood oranges, fragile persimmons with their jellied flesh and the more

  • Ina Garten's 'Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro' Returns in April
    Food & Wine

    Ina Garten's 'Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro' Returns in April

    The season premiere is all about farm-to-table cooking.

  • This Designer Turned a Wine Barrel into a Bicycle
    Food & Wine

    This Designer Turned a Wine Barrel into a Bicycle

    Turns out a wine barrel has enough wood to make about two bikes.

  • The Lufkin Daily News

    Los Jarritos ends the search for the perfect fajita

    Fajitas aren't the only things that Los Jarritos has to offer, however. The Chimichanga is another excellent choice. I loved the flavor of the ground beef mixed with the white queso topping and fried tortilla outer shell. Compared to the average chimichanga, Los Jarritos' version is quite large. The only criticism I had was that it could stand to be crunchier — a distinct aspect of a good chimi, in my opinion.

  • The Jamaica Observer

    Plant-based protein sources

    LOOK at any part of your body: You are made up of proteins, every nerve, muscle fibre, skin cell, organ, hair, nail, enzyme, immune cell, blood vessels, every one of your 37.2 trillion-plus cells is made up of proteins. Protein is one of the three major macronutrients, along with carbohydrates and fats, that is necessary for functionality, growth and repair of all your life-sustaining systems. Contrary to some beliefs, protein is required for much more than muscle building. Proteins are literally the building blocks of life. This, in part, explains why modern society is obsessed with protein intake. There is some debate regarding how much is required for sustaining health, but no matter how much

  • Aldi's wine range is rising to new heights
    the Guardian

    Aldi's wine range is rising to new heights

    Like most of the country, it seems, I've been on a bit of a journey with Aldi in the past decade. This is certainly true when it comes to the Aldi wine range, which has got much more ambitious and interesting over the years, although not – as a recent tasting of 90-odd wines showed – at the expense of its core budget mission, as represented by its always bright-and-juicy southeast Spanish red Toro Loco range. A lot of the credit for Aldi's vinous improvement must go to buyer Mike James, who has been working for the firm throughout its ten-year growth surge. James is an amiable presence (or so he seems to me at least, but then, I've never had to negotiate with him), and he seems to take great pleasure in testing the boundaries of what Aldi customers are supposed to like, lining up orange and organic wines, and small parcels of finer wines from lesser-spotted and up-and-coming wine regions such as Tasmania, England and, providing some of the highlights of the latest range, Portugal.

  • Lancashire Telegraph

    REVIEW: Our mystery diner's take on Frankie's burger restaurant in Blackburn

    BILLED at one stage – including by this newspaper – as a 'luxury' burger restaurant, Frankie's opened to much clamour at the former Pitchers bar in Blackburn at the turn of the year. These kinds of places do a good burger, yes, with more effort and quality than your average burger van patty – or a Big Mac, for that matter – but I'm not convinced that a burger can ever *really* be luxury. It would be like calling Nando's a luxury chicken restaurant – not that there's anything wrong with Nando's – and not that the restaurant itself ever claimed to be luxury.

  • This Bitter Orange Liqueur Is Our New Favorite Campari Alternative
    Food & Wine

    This Bitter Orange Liqueur Is Our New Favorite Campari Alternative

    Tattersall’s is something different. Far closer to an amaro, it’s a dead ringer for an orange-inflected Campari, right down to the lovely reddish hue, with an intriguing array of aromatics and a pleasant bitter backbone. Give it a try in these three simple cocktails.


    Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

    As noted in “Ditching Nature in Favor of Fake Food Is Not the Solution to Destructive Factory Farming” by Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Industrial agriculture is one of the most unsustainable practices of modern civilization. The 'bigger is better' food system has reached a point where its real costs have become readily apparent. Like water running down an open drain, the Earth's natural resources are disappearing quickly, as industrialized farming drives air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, rising carbon emissions and the depletion, erosion and poisoning of soils. The long-term answer, however, lies in the transition to sustainable, regenerative, chemical-free farming practices, not in the


    This Mouthwatering Pan-Fried Fish Recipe Might Be Your New Favorite

    South America is a melting pot of cultural and culinary traditions, as the different countries in the region have their own takes on ingredients like vegetables and meats. In particular, fish and seafood dishes are popular because of the countries' proximity to the Amazon River and the Caribbean Sea.1 If you want to try a South American-inspired dish, look no further than this Mouthwatering Pan-Fried Fish With Fiery Pico de Gallo Salsa recipe. The tender and juicy fish and the fresh yet spicy salsa offer a flavorful balance of the land and the sea. Note: While this recipe provides flavor and health benefits, be cautious of the very high possibility that the fish is tainted with mercury and other

  • 7 Ways to Save Money on Wine for Your Wedding
    Southern Living

    7 Ways to Save Money on Wine for Your Wedding

    These pointers can save you hundreds of dollars.