Toronto-Based Real Estate Broker Builds Memorable Brand, Differentiating Himself From The Clutter

Steven Liambas Real Estate | @homesbysteven
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Steven Liambas

Steven Liambas Real Estate | @homesbysteven
Steven Liambas Real Estate | @homesbysteven
Steven Liambas Real Estate | @homesbysteven

Toronto, Ontario, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The real estate industry is undoubtedly an exciting space to be in. However, from a buyer or seller perspective, it can turn out to be complex, complicated or risky at times. Buyers and sellers alike, often lose out on great deals and opportunities only to lose time, energy and capital. Few of the primary reasons behind this are lack of adequate knowledge to operate in real estate transactions and a casual approach towards it. Here comes the role of professional Realtors. In today’s fast-paced and competitive real estate market, choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference. Steven Liambas Real Estate | @homesbysteven, otherwise better known as, ‘Homes by Steven’, is a Toronto-based real estate company that has been helping clients crack the most profitable deals for quite some years. The company is operated by a credible Real Estate Broker named Steven Liambas.

About Steven Liambas

Steven Liambas is a Toronto-based real estate expert who runs the ‘Homes by Steven’ brand. As mentioned on his website, Steven aims to help everyone find their place in the world. He specializes in providing real estate buyers, sellers, and investors a premium experience. Steven’s services include end-to-end property listing services, buying assistance among others.

Steven Liambas not only carries the coveted “Certified Negotiation Expert” (CNE©) certification, but also the highly-sought after and rare “Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist” (CLHMS™) designation . With tons of knowledge and experience, he is one of the most credible Realtors in Toronto. Over the years, he has served numerous clients with great success. He has also worked with the most prominent names of Real Estate pre-construction development including Lanterra, Daniels, Tridel, and Freed.

Steven ventured into the real-estate space after spending years in the corporate world, after which he decided to change course. Unlike most other entrepreneurs, he gave himself enough time to understand the industry and hone relevant skills so that he could deliver the best real estate experience to customers. After leaving the corporate world, he spent more than six months building ‘Homes by Steven’ as a strong brand and made every effort to maintain consistency with regard to the quality of service offerings. This is one of the main differentiators that has helped Steven Liambas emerge as a prominent Realtor in the Greater Toronto Area.

Homes By Steven

Operated credibly by Steven Liambas, ‘Homes By Steven’ provides a premium real estate experience to buyers and sellers - hassle-free, convenient, and seamless. It offers a full-service buying experience starting from educating clients and connecting them with the relevant seller to helping them get the best prices and eventually the key to their dream home.

On the other hand, Steven is a proven Realtor when it comes to helping sellers find the most attractive and profitable deal.

With a proven track record, excellent customer service, and noteworthy credibility in the real estate space, Steven Liambas has emerged and has earned the reputation of being an expert at what he does.


To sum it up, making real estate transactions is arguably one of the most important decisions one ever makes. While it involves a lot of money, there also lies a certain degree of satisfaction that one seeks. Steven Liambas, while running ‘Homes by Steven’ has proven time and time again that his advice, suggestions, and services have turned profitable and satisfactory for hundreds of clients.

Be it buying, selling, or investing, Steven has helped clients make the best real estate decision over the years. With detailed guides and educational resources available on his website, Steven provides a wholesome real estate experience that is risk-tolerant, convenient, and profitable.

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