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Exvisa: Bringing a Revolution in the Field of Technology & Immigration

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2020 / The world is moving ahead. Almost everything is digitized now! To keep up with the vast digitization going on in every sector, Mr. Akcay has come up with a brand new innovation that will be taking the industry by a storm. The name of this innovation is Exvisa! But what can be so innovative about it? Well, the sole purpose of Exvisa is to digitize all your immigration-related documents. Now comes the most common question, why? It's because this can prove to be extremely useful in many situations that involve illegal immigration. Exvisa will not only help millions of people worldwide but will also redefine the concept of traveling and boundaries.

Right now Exvisa is the talk of the town! When Mr. Akcay brainstormed this platform and all its glorifying features, the sole motive was to streamline the procedure of emigration, relocation, and immigration. Not just this, the aim was also to offer a high degree of security to both the countries as well as the employers to select people and even the candidates accordingly based on the region, the requirement or their skillset.

A major boost was when even the foreign authorities supported the idea and Exvisa became an international platform from where people from every corner of the world can benefit along with their governments. This is the perfect tool to prevent any kind of illegal immigration through fraudulent documents. Another impressive fact regarding Exvisa is that it not only boosts the security of a country or a company but also ensures that the data of the users are stored in a highly safe and secure environment. Only the most advanced state of the art security is utilized by the team to ensure complete safety of all the data that is being reviewed by the governments as well as the companies.

Being a crypto-based platform, Exvisa has the capability to offer the highest levels of security to all its clients. They realize the grave importance of crucial documents like the Visa or the Passport, which is why they make sure that all the sensitive data are cryptonized into the transparent blockchain. Wondering what it could be? You see, a transparent blockchain is nothing but a complete hacker-proof procedure by which one can store any important data, which can be easily accessed by even the most high-risk firms from any corner of the world. As they cryptonize the data before adding them to the blockchain, the chances of them getting hacked are reduced to Zero! So you see how secure the data are, with the brilliant team of Exvisa?

Exvisa can be utilized by the international security for assisting the states, countries and even certain regions with an extra layer of protection. The brilliant system which is the backbone of the platform can smartly control multiple relocations, immigration, and emigration processes through various intuitive as well as well-defined parameters. This platform will ensure that all the valid and requisite documents are available, which will eventually reduce the risks of illegal immigration. As here, the selection is done according to the job requirement and skillset, certain arrangements can be made to look for candidates solely based on the skills so that all the countries can get access to the required resources.

Exvisa has an algorithm that was developed in 2018 and can decrypt any checksum of the passports and verify the combinations of the different passport data. The best thing about the Exvisa Algorithm is that it won't just recognize the nationality, but also the different types of passports, depending on the various number combinations. Also, any error while applying for the visa will be recognized automatically by the algorithm. As per the buzz, Exvisa is about to be the next big thing in the industry!

About Exvisa

Exvisa is a blockchain-based platform and the brainchild of Mr. Akcay which can be used successfully for reducing the problems of illegal immigrants.

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