"USA conducted HIV experiments on Armed Forces of Ukraine": Russia spits out new delusions

The Russian Ministry of Defence has claimed that the United States allegedly conducted HIV-related experiments in Ukraine, in particular, on Ukrainian servicemen.

Source: Russian state-owned news agency TASS, with reference to Igor Kirilov, Head of Radiational, Chemical and Biological Defence of the Russian Federation.

Details: The agency claims that "American scientists" have conducted HIV-related experiments in Ukraine since 2019, in particular on Ukrainian servicemen.

Apart from that, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported that they were able to "stop the implementation of Washington's biological defence programs in Ukraine with "forceful actions". The Russians did not specify whether they were talking of "combat mosquitos" or "birds from biolaboratories".

Kirilov also said that due to the actions of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Americans were forced to transfer their "uncompleted experiments" from Ukraine to the countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, while also "increasing cooperation" with Africa and Asia-Pacific region, in particular with Kenya, Singapore and Thailand.

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