Walmart Just Announced a Price Tag Change You Need to Know About

New tech will benefit shoppers and employees.

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Sticking to a budget is tough enough when you’re grocery shopping, especially when prices seem to get higher each week for many needed items. When the price tag on the shelf is wrong, or missing, it’s even tougher and can lead to a frustrating shopping experience. 

Earlier this year, Walmart lowered prices on some grocery items to pre-inflation levels to help shoppers and their wallets. Now the grocery giant is making moves to ensure prices on the shelf will always be present and accurate, thanks to the launch of a new technology.

Digital Shelf Labels are Coming to Walmart



Walmart stores have more than 120,000 items on the shelves, and employees are tasked with updating thousands of labels in each store every week when prices change.

But by 2026, changing paper shelf labels will be a thing of the past in 2,300 stores, according to a recent announcement. Digital shelf labels are already being tested in a Grapevine, Texas, store, where shelf prices are now changed remotely via a mobile app, giving employees more time to support customers.

Additional Benefits of Walmart’s Digital Shelf Labels

According to Walmart, the new labels will also simplify the stock replenishment process. From the mobile app, an employee can deploy an LED on the shelf tag when an item needs to be restocked. The flashing light will help restocking associates find the location when stocking shelves. A light can also be utilized via a mobile app for online order selection and fulfillment, making it faster to satisfy orders and improve accuracy.

If you’re a Walmart shopper who likes to get accurate prices, this is good news for you. And, if you’re a Walmart shopper who likes to get the best prices, we have more good news for you. According to an insider, certain times of the week are better to shop than others, and all the details on the best time to shop at Walmart are just a click away.

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