Watch: David Cameron addresses MPs as UK and Finland sign new agreement vowing support for Ukraine against Russia

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Watch again as foreign secretary David Cameron addressed MPs as the UK and Finland signed a new agreement vowing support for Ukraine against Russia on Monday (20 May).

In a joint statement, Lord Cameron and his Finnish counterpart, Elina Valtonen argued Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally changed the European security environment.

Finland, which has an 830-mile border with Russia, became a member of Nato on April 4 2023 in response to the aggression.

Lord Cameron and Ms Valtonen underlined the importance of working together to deny Russia any benefit from the war it started alongside countering Russian disinformation, malicious cyber activities, and hybrid threats.

The two countries vowed to support Ukraine’s recovery, reconstruction, and modernisation in the aftermath of the conflict.

Lord Cameron said: “As long-standing partners and new Nato allies, the UK’s relationship with Finland is going from strength to strength.

“As we stand together to support Ukraine, including through providing military aid and training, we are clear that the threat of Russian aggression, following the war it started, will not be tolerated.

“This Strategic Partnership, built on our shared values, will see the UK and Finland step up cooperation to bolster European security as well as seize new opportunities, from science and technology to closer energy ties.”

The Foreign Office said the statement will also outline the shared ambition to scale up collaboration on science and technology, trade and investment and tackling illegal migration.

The UK is one of the leading donors to Ukraine, alongside the US and Germany, having committed £12.5 billion in support since February 2022, including £7.6 billion in military aid.

As well as providing tanks, air defence systems and long-range precision missiles, Britain has helped train more than 30,000 Ukrainian service personnel.