• At campaign rally, Biden decries Democratic 'anger' and pledges unity

    At campaign rally, Biden decries Democratic 'anger' and pledges unity

    At a rally in downtown Philadelphia, Biden, as he has done throughout the beginning stages of his campaign, made Trump his central target, blasting him as "the divider-in-chief." But he also chided other Democratic presidential candidates in the field, suggesting that anger toward Trump within his party was not enough to win next year's presidential election. "Some of the really smart folks say Democrats don't want to hear about unity," he said. With his poll numbers currently swamping the rest of the Democratic field, Biden has often acted as if his current opponent is Trump and not the other 23 Democrats vying for the party's nomination.

  • US: Iran military could misidentify airliners amid tension
    Associated Press

    US: Iran military could misidentify airliners amid tension

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Commercial airliners flying over the Persian Gulf risk being targeted by "miscalculation or misidentification" from the Iranian military amid heightened tensions between the Islamic Republic and the U.S., American diplomats warned Saturday, even as both Washington and Tehran say they don't seek war.

  • Cafeteria worker fired for giving student lunch won't return
    Associated Press

    Cafeteria worker fired for giving student lunch won't return

    CANAAN, N.H. (AP) — A company has offered to rehire a New Hampshire school cafeteria worker whom it fired for giving a student lunch for free , but she isn't interested.

  • Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards prepares to sign restrictive abortion bill

    Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards prepares to sign restrictive abortion bill

    "My inclination is to sign it," Gov. John Bel Edwards said when discussing a "heartbeat bill" currently under consideration in the state Legislature.

  • Business

    Exclusive - U.S. may scale back Huawei trade restrictions to help existing customers

    The Commerce Department, which had effectively halted Huawei's ability to buy American-made parts and components, is considering issuing a temporary general license to "prevent the interruption of existing network operations and equipment," a spokeswoman said. Potential beneficiaries of the license could, for example, include internet access and mobile phone service providers in thinly populated places such as Wyoming and eastern Oregon that purchased network equipment from Huawei in recent years. In effect, the Commerce Department would allow Huawei to purchase U.S. goods so it can help existing customers maintain the reliability of networks and equipment, but the Chinese firm still would not be allowed to buy American parts and components to manufacture new products.

  • Brienne of Tarth: from love triangles to knighthood, what's next for Game of Thrones' strongest female?
    The Telegraph

    Brienne of Tarth: from love triangles to knighthood, what's next for Game of Thrones' strongest female?

    I’m just going to put it out there – Brienne of Tarth, or rather Ser Brienne of Tarth, is a feminist icon. Not only does she rise above being rejected – if not resented – for her pragmatic and perfectionist approach to fighting, simply for being a woman, but she fails to falter as one of the most loyal, honest and determined women in Westeros. By the Seven Kingdoms’ patriarchal standards, she simply doesn’t fit in. And is regularly belittled by inferior swordsmen who feel they should remind her. Not that being underrated has got in the way of her defeating the likes Loras Tyrell or The Hound (two of the greatest fighters in the realm). With the final episode of Game of Thrones season 8 mere hours away, here is everything you need to know about Brienne of Tarth’s story so far: Who is Brienne of Tarth? Brienne Tarth, commonly called Brienne of Tarth after her island home, is the only living child and heir of Lord Selwyn Tarth, Lord of Evenfall and head of House Tarth on the island of Tarth, located in the Narrow Sea off the coast of the Stormlands By Westerosi standards she is unusually tall and muscular for a woman (therefore sometimes pejoratively referred to as Brienne the Beauty) but used her differences to her advantage by practicing martial activity from a young age. Brienne was introduced in series two as a dedicated member of Renly Baratheon’s Kingsguard. His subsequent slaying at the hand of Melisandre’s smoke demon instigated a calamity of errors which turned her dream (of becoming a knight) into a nightmare (killing her fellow Kingsguard in self defence). She then fled the camp to avoid being blamed for Renly’s death, swore her sword to Catelyn Stark, and eventually escorted hostage Jaime Lannister back to King’s Landing – their antagonism developing into an unexpected friendship. Brienne of Tarth, left, battles with Sandor "The Hound" Clegane in season 5 Following the Red Wedding’s tragic murder of Catelyn Stark (and – well – most of our favourite characters), Brienne transferred her oath of protection to the dead woman’s children. From here on, Westeros' strongest Lady found herself stuck in a messy love triangle. Wildling - and fellow almost-giant - Tormund Giantsbane fell for Brienne the moment he met her and dreamed about having 'giant babies' who would take over the world. Sadly for many Trienne/Bormund fans, Brienne fell for someone a little more unexpected.  A surprising romance between Jaime and Brienne blossomed after season eight's Battle of Winterfell. In one of the cringiest sex scenes to date, Brienne lost her virginity to the kingslayer - only to be dumped and heartbroken when Jaime decided to flee back to his lover/twin sister in Kings Landing. His death in Cersei's arms was exactly what he deserved. Good riddance to the kingslaying heartbreaker. The Raven newsletter in-article Who is Gwendoline Christie who plays her? Gwendoline Christie was born on October 28, 1978 in Worthing, West Sussex and made her TV debut in the second season’s third episode in April 2012. She is just under 6ft 4in tall. Starting off as a theatre actress, Christie’s collective playbill includes performances as the Queen in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline (alongside Tom Hiddleston) and Mag Wildwood in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In 2015, Christie played Commander Lyme in the final film in The Hunger Games series, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. In the same year, Christie co-starred in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as Captain Phasma, one of the film’s main antagonists. She reprised the role in 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  She also plays Teresa in upcoming film The Friend, a drama from Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, starring Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel. Since early 2013, Christie has been in a relationship with fashion designer Giles Deacon. British actress Gwendoline Christie  Credit:  AFP What’s happened to Brienne so far in Game of Thrones? Season 2 Brienne joins King Renly Baratheon’s forces in the War of the Five Kings, proving herself by winning a tournament amongst his men, including a victory over Renly’s favorite/love interest Ser Loras Tyrell. She asks to be named to his Kingsguard as a reward, which Renly does, despite her gender and consequent lack of knighthood. Brienne guards Renly during an unsuccessful meeting with his brother, King Stannis Baratheon, and is devastated at witnessing his death at the hands of a shadow demon with the likeness of Stannis. At Robb Stark’s camp Catelyn Stark decides to free captive Jaime Lannister in an attempt to exchange him for her two daughters, who she believes are both being held hostage in King’s Landing. She orders Brienne to smuggle Jaime from the camp and deliver him to King’s Landing in order to secure the safety of her daughters.  Jaime vows to return Sansa and Arya Stark to Catelyn in exchange for his return. Season 3 In the Riverlands, Jaime and Brienne are captured by Bolton soldiers. He dissuades them from raping Brienne by claiming her father will pay them her weight in sapphires as a ransom, provided she is unharmed, but their leader Locke cuts off Jaime’s sword hand when he tries to bargain for his own release. Brienne and Jaime are taken to Harrenhal, where Jaime reveals to Brienne that he killed the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen to stop him from burning King’s Landing.  Lord Bolton allows Jaime to leave for King’s Landing, but decides to keep Brienne in Harrenhal for abetting treason, in spite of Jaime’s protests. Jaime compels his escorts to return to save her. Jaime and Brienne arrive at the gates of the Red Keep.  Season 4 Several weeks after their return, Brienne visits Margaery Tyrell. After enduring Olenna Tyrell’s comments regarding her appearance and her gratitude for putting Loras Tyrell in his place, Brienne and Margaery slip off to discuss Renly’s assassination. Brienne explains what she saw and how the shadow had Stannis’ face. She assures Margaery that she will find a way to avenge their king.  Brienne cannot now return Sansa to Catelyn Stark, since murdered by the Freys. Jaime argues that Sansa (now married to Tyrion) is safer staying in King’s Landing. Brienne attends King Joffrey Baratheon's wedding to Margaery Tyrell, and witnesses his death by poisoning.  After Jaime's brother Tyrion is accused of the murder, Jaime gives Brienne a Valyrian steel sword, which Brienne names “Oathkeeper”, in order to find Sansa and take her to safety. He also gives her Tyrion’s former squire Podrick Payne, whose life is in danger after being coerced to offer false testimony against Tyrion. On their way through the Riverlands, the two learn that Arya is alive, and decide to travel to the Vale, as they suspect she is being sheltered by her aunt Lysa Arryn. Brienne encounters Arya in the Vale, being escorted by Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. When Arya refuses to go with Brienne, she and the Hound fight, culminating in Brienne forcing him off a cliff and apparently dealing him a mortal wound. Season 5 Despite their failure to retrieve Arya, Podrick wishes to remain with Brienne as her squire in order to find Sansa. While dining at an inn, Podrick identifies Sansa Stark sitting with Petyr Baelish. Brienne approaches them and reveals to Sansa that she swore an oath to her mother to keep her safe. Sansa refuses to respond and Brienne, realising that she is in danger from Baelish, flees with his guards in pursuit. Undeterred, she later follows Sansa to the ancestral Stark stronghold of Winterfell, where she has been wed to Roose Bolton’s sadistic son Ramsay. Staying in the nearby town, Brienne manages to have a message smuggled into Winterfell, instructing Sansa how to signal if she is in need of help. Sansa eventually manages to escape the room where Ramsay has kept her captive, while the Boltons are preparing to battle Stannis’ approaching forces. However, Brienne left to find and kill Stannis (having sworn to avenge his brother Renly’s death) before she could see Sansa’s signal. Brienne finds Stannis gravely wounded in the aftermath of the battle and, after he confesses to his role in Renly’s death, she executes him, telling him she is doing so in the name of the rightful king – Renly. Season 6 With Stannis dead, Brienne and Podrick continue their search for Sansa. Eventually, they manage to find Sansa and Theon Greyjoy apprehended by a Bolton hunting party. Brienne kills the soldiers and once again offers her services to Sansa, who readily agrees this time. Brienne reveals to Sansa that Arya is still alive, although her whereabouts are unknown. Brienne, Podrick, and Sansa journey on to Castle Black (Theon having returned to the Iron Islands), where Sansa’s half-brother Jon Snow has just resigned as Lord Commander.  How Game of Thrones characters look in the show vs how they look in the books Brienne and Podrick travel to Riverrun to deliver a letter from Sansa Stark to her great-uncle Brynden “Blackfish” Tully. (Sansa is seeking reinforcements for her campaign to retake Winterfell from the Boltons.) Upon arriving, they discover that the Lannisters and Freys are besieging the castle. Jaime and Brienne meet discreetly in a tent and she tells Jaime that she has come to secure Brynden’s help. She convinces Jaime to let her negotiate with the Blackfish so that Brynden and his men can leave the castle at night to travel to Winterfell. Before she leaves she points out that, if she is unsuccessful, she will be compelled by honor (to Sansa’s family) to fight against Jaime. Jaime voices his hope that it doesn’t come to that.  Brienne fails to convince the Blackfish but, in the end, the castle is taken with him as the only casualty. Just before he goes off to meet his death, Blackfish puts Brienne and Podrick into a rowboat in a secret escape tunnel. As Brienne and Podrick row quietly away in the dawn, Jaime sees her from the castle. She meets his gaze as they both wave a quiet farewell. Podrick, Sansa and Brienne of Tarth in season 6 Season 7 On their return to Winterfell, Brienne and Podrick are met by the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards. When Jon Snow announces that he expects women to be trained for the coming war with the undead, Brienne smiles. While tutoring Podrick in the courtyard, wildling Tormund Giantsbane tries to steal her attention but is rebuffed. Tormund's loving glares at Brienne When Jon announces Sansa’s control of the North (at least during his trip to visit Daenerys in Dragonstone), Brienne again warms at the opportunity for women to seize power. Some time later, Arya – who has recently returned to her home of Winterfell – challenges Brienne to a spar. The fight is intense and equally matched; they eventually reach a respectful stalemate. When King’s Landing calls for a collective parley, Sansa sends Brienne to represent the North. She arrives – with Podrick – and is stunned to discover that Sandor Clegane is alive and well, even siding with the North. She remains quiet, under Jon's canopy, during the tense negotiations. GOT What happens next no-reg Season 8 Back in Winterfell, Brienne's big moments (which we can only hope continue) begin by speaking out on Jaime Lannister's behalf at his makeshift trial in the Great Hall. When he later asks to serve under her command in the Battle of Winterfell, she accepts. Later, Brienne and Podrick join the Lannister brothers and Tormund for wine and conversation soon turns to her rank as a woman. When Tormund tells her he would knight her ten times over if he was a king, Jaime knights her himself. Celebrations are cut short when three horn blasts mark the arrival of the White Walkers. She survives the Battle of Winterfell, doing much of her hoard-hacking at Jaime's side. In a state of shock and celebration, she decides to mark her survivial by losing her virginity to Jaime. Her heart seems to break, as soon as it possibly could, when she finds Jaime leaving Winterfell in the middle of the night to return to Cersei.  Game of Thrones stars out of character Will Brienne survive season 8? Brienne survived the Battle of Winterfell against all outnumbered odds yet, as we watch her long-awaited romp with Jaime break her heart and Tormund leave Winterfell altogether, it’s unclear whether Ser/Lady Tarth will have any semblance of a happy ending in the finale. Should survival come down to pure combat skills, Brienne has greater odds than most characters. She is as strong as any swordsman and wholly relentless in battle, no matter how tough her opponent. While we don't know exactly how Game of Thrones will end, we hope her story ends as a fighter, not a lover. There is an inevitable fray ahead and no-one wants to see the writers leave her helpless and heartbroken.  Game of Thrones Season 8 | Latest news    Catch up on Game of Thrones season 1-8 now with a 7 day free trial with NOW TV.

  • This Missile Might be the U.S. Navy's Important Weapon in Decades
    The National Interest

    This Missile Might be the U.S. Navy's Important Weapon in Decades

    The Tomahawk and its controversies might make headlines, but as the U.S. Navy re-arms for high-tech warfare, the SM-6 is the missile to watch.The U.S. Navy in late January 2019 confirmed the designation of its newest cruise missile, in the process clarifying its long-term plan for arming its growing fleet of warships.The plan heavily leans on one missile, in particular. It's the SM-6, an anti-aircraft weapon that quickly is evolving to perform almost every role the Navy assigns to a missile.(This first appeared earlier in the year.)The Navy dubbed the newest version of the venerable Tomahawk cruise missile the "Block V" model, Jane's reported. There are two separate variants of the Block V missile, one with an anti-ship warhead and another with a warhead the Navy optimized for striking targets on land.Raytheon's Tomahawk has been the subject of controversy in Washington, D.C. In order to save money the Obama administration wanted to pause production of the long-range missile, which since the 1980s has been the Navy's main weapon for striking land targets from the sea.Congress overruled the Obama administration and continued buying Tomahawks for roughly $1 million apiece, adding potentially hundreds of the missiles to the thousands the fleet already possesses.

  • Al Jazeera suspends two journalists over Holocaust report

    Al Jazeera suspends two journalists over Holocaust report

    Qatari state-funded broadcaster Al Jazeera suspended two journalists on Sunday over a video they produced claiming the extent of the Holocaust was being misrepresented by Jews. The clip, posted by Al Jazeera's online AJ+ Arabic service, claimed "the narrative" that the Nazis killed six million Jews was "adopted by the Zionist movement". The video said that "along with others, the Jews faced a policy of systematic persecution which culminated in the Final Solution".

  • Trump Lashes Back After GOP Lawmaker Calls Conduct ‘Impeachable’

    Trump Lashes Back After GOP Lawmaker Calls Conduct ‘Impeachable’

    “Contrary to Barr’s portrayal, Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment,” said Amash, 39, who arrived in Congress as part of the Tea Party wave in 2010. Amash’s manifesto-like string of more than a dozen tweets stopped short of actually calling for Trump’s impeachment.

  • DCCC Wants to Save a Pro-Life Dem. Dems Ask: at What Cost?
    The Daily Beast

    DCCC Wants to Save a Pro-Life Dem. Dems Ask: at What Cost?

    Tom WilliamsThe day after Alabama lawmakers passed a law to ban nearly all abortions in the state, House Democrats confronted some tricky optics: a Chicago Business report revealed that the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was scheduled to headline a June fundraiser for the most staunchly pro-life Democrat left in Congress.The move raised howls of protest from progressives, who have sought to make that Democrat, Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL), the next moderate to be unseated by a challenger to their left. The passage of the Alabama law and restrictive abortion laws in other states has only intensified that push."It's hypocritical for the Democratic Party leadership to continue to protect Lipinski while claiming to fight against the attacks on reproductive rights in states like Georgia and Alabama." said Waleed Shahid, communications director for Justice Democrats. In the 2018 primary, Lipinski was nearly defeated by Marie Newman, who is competing against him again in 2020 in this safely blue Chicago-area district. Unlike last time, however, Lipinski has the DCCC chair on his side: Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) has made a promise to back all incumbents, and has donated to Lipinski from her personal committee in addition to appearing at a fundraiser to benefit him. Progressive ire directed at the DCCC is hardly new. Only months into the 2020 cycle, the party’s official House campaign arm had already incensed progressives for codifying a policy to not do business with vendors who support primary challengers to incumbents—slammed as a “blacklist” by some on the left.But the Lipinski episode transcends the typical left vs. establishment drama that has permeated the DCCC in recent years. It raises a difficult question for Democrats: At a moment when abortion rights are more vulnerable than they have been in decades, does their “big tent” have room for members who do not support those rights?Lipinski thinks so, at least. “This is exactly the wrong time to be forming a circular firing squad when we need to be together, work together, to beat President Trump in 2020, as well as keeping the House and winning the Senate,” he told The Daily Beast on Thursday.“Certainly, Cheri Bustos is making it very clear as chair of the DCCC her support for me, and I think the party leadership understands the need for not pushing people out right when we’re trying to work together,” he added. But for a diverse set of Democrats, having an opponent of abortion in their ranks is increasingly untenable–especially one like Lipinski. Though there are several other House Democrats with anti-abortion views, Lipinski is the only House Democrat to have received a zero percent score from NARAL Pro-Choice America, a leading advocacy group. He is one of two House Democrats to have a 75 percent score from the National Right to Life Committee. Lipinski, who has said he believes life begins at conception, has resisted leaving the party over his views on abortion. According to a 2018 report from the pro-choice outlet Rewire News, Lipinski told a pro-life gathering “I’ve always believed, and I always say, the Democratic Party says it stands up for the little guy, and there’s no one who is more vulnerable than the unborn, who need the protection. And so I’m hanging in there.”Since arriving in Congress in 2005, Lipinski has been a reliable vote for anti-abortion legislation.In particular, he has voted for bills to grant legal personhood rights to fetuses, and he voted against the Affordable Care Act, arguing that it would help fund access to abortion. At press time, Lipinski’s office had not responded for request for comment on his views on Alabama’s abortion bill.Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), who successfully primaried an incumbent himself, was the first to publicly hit Bustos for fundraising on behalf of Lipinski on Wednesday night.“It’s tone deaf for the DCCC to be supporting Lipinski when Roe vs. Wade is under threat in a way it hasn’t been in my whole lifetime,” Khanna told The Daily Beast on Thursday. “This is a moment where the Democratic Party needs to be doing everything possible to affirm the constitutional right of a woman to choose. It makes no sense to be supporting someone who doesn’t recognize that right.”A DCCC spokesperson said that Bustos does not agree with Lipinski on abortion, but “she made a promise to stand behind all of our incumbents in their campaigns—from the Blue Dogs to the progressives. She keeps her word, and she is focused on defeating Republicans so we can continue growing the most diverse Majority in our nation’s history.”But Bustos’ fundraiser has only emboldened those on the left who had been preparing for primary battles in safe blue districts already. And even more institutional Democratic-aligned groups like Planned Parenthood Action Fund, EMILY’s List and NARAL Pro-Choice America backed Newman earlier this month. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) did as well, as she had done last cycle. “She’s in a position of defending a man who is in the House because of a reactionary, right-wing group,” Sean McElwee, co-founder of the progressive think tank Data for Progress said, referring to canvassing efforts on Lipinksi’s behalf from the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List in 2018. “I think there’s a very real chance he loses. And I think there’s a very real chance that a number of incumbents lose and I think this is in a lot of ways her Waterloo,” McElwee added. “This is the proof positive that the method of going to war with progressives is not actually the best path forward for the party.” In 2018, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi ultimately backed Lipinski in the primary. But she faces pressure to remain neutral heading into 2020. “I hope she and others will stay out of it, given how choice is now under threat and how vulnerable it is,” said Khanna. Pelosi’s office did not respond to request for comment. On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told The Daily Beast that discussions were happening among progressives concerning the DCCC’s support for Lipinski. “If we don’t really approach this and make the hard decisions we need to make as a party about who we are and what we stand for, we cannot say that we’re fighting for women’s rights if we’re fundraising for people and if we’re, as an apparatus, actively supporting candidates who want to take our rights away,” she said.“I just don’t understand how this is even a thing.” Two former DCCC staffers, both of whom identified with the establishment wing of the party, echoed Ocasio-Cortez’s frustrations. “This is not activists vs. the DCCC on this issue,” one said. “This is 2019, we’re talking about Chicago, Illinois—the guy is not pro-choice.”“There’s no room for him anymore,” the other former DCCC staffer said. “There’s no room for this anymore. Maybe they could 10 years ago, but I just don’t see now how they can compromise on this.”“I try to defend the DCCC at any cost, and this is just nuts to me.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

  • Illinois not alerted to early clues in womb-cutting case
    Associated Press

    Illinois not alerted to early clues in womb-cutting case

    CHICAGO (AP) — Police and Illinois' child welfare agency say staff at a Chicago-area hospital didn't alert them after determining that a bloodied woman who arrived with a gravely ill newborn had not just given birth to the baby boy, as she claimed.

  • Republican congressman apologises for referring to ‘consensual rape’ in debate over Missouri abortion bill
    The Independent

    Republican congressman apologises for referring to ‘consensual rape’ in debate over Missouri abortion bill

    A Republican Missouri legislator apologised on Friday for saying that some sexual assaults are "consensual rapes" during a debate over a new, restrictive antiabortion bill."I'm not trying to make excuses," said representative Barry Hovis, who represents the city of Jackson in southeastern Missouri. "Sometimes you make a mistake and you own up to it."The lawmaker, who was elected in 2018, made the remark while speaking on the State House floor, arguing that the measure's eight-week window for abortions "gives [rape survivors] ample time" for the procedure.Critics say many women do not know they are pregnant until after eight weeks, and the bill provides no exceptions for rape or incest.The 30-year veteran of the Cape Girardeau Police Department then touched on his experience handling rape cases."Let's just say someone goes out and they're raped or they're sexually assaulted one night after a college party – because most of my rapes were not the gentleman jumping out of the bushes that nobody had ever met," Mr Hovis said."That was one or two times out of a hundred. Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible."Representative Raychel Proudie, a Democrat, quickly rebuked him."There is no such thing, no such thing as consensual rape," she said to applause from the chamber.Mr Hovis later told The Washington Post that he misspoke and said he believes "there was no such thing as consensual rape."He added that, in all his years in law enforcement, he took the testimony of rape victims seriously."When a rape is reported, and I'll speak for myself, you always take the word of the victim," he said.Missouri's GOP-controlled House passed the antiabortion bill on Friday, which prohibits abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy.The bill comes as lawmakers in multiple states have passed restrictive abortion laws that advocates on both sides say are aimed at getting the Supreme Court to consider overturning Roe v Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalised abortion nationwide.Mr Hovis' remarks recalled a controversial comment made in 2012 by Todd Akin, a former Missouri congressman, that "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy.After losing a 2012 race for US Senate, Mr Akin tried to clarify his words, saying he should have said "legitimate case of rape."The Washington Post

  • SAT to give students 'adversity score'
    FOX News Videos

    SAT to give students 'adversity score'

    Students will now be given an 'adversity score' to show challenges they have overcome based on their environment.

  • World

    UPDATE 1-Argentina grants offshore oil, gas exploration permits in Malvinas West basin

    Argentina awarded permits for hydrocarbon exploration in 18 areas off its southern coast to companies including Exxon Mobil Corp, Total SA , YPF SA and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, the government said on Friday. The winning companies offered bids totaling $724 million, the government said in official statements, and won the rights to explore for up to 13 years in areas of the South Atlantic, some near the Malvinas Islands under the control of the British government but whose sovereignty is claimed by Argentina. The other companies that will make up exploration consortia in Argentina's Malvinas West basin include BP, Qatar Petroleum, Tullow Oil, Pluspetrol , Wintershall, Equinor, Eni , Mitsui &Co Ltd and Tecpetrol SA.

  • View Photos of the First Hot Wheels Toy Based on a Fan's Custom Car
    Car and Driver

    View Photos of the First Hot Wheels Toy Based on a Fan's Custom Car

    A flame-throwing, 600-hp ground-bound jet from Jersey is cool enough-then they up and made a toy version.From Car and Driver

  • Here Is Russia's Plan to Build a Fleet of Su-57 Stealth Fighters
    The National Interest

    Here Is Russia's Plan to Build a Fleet of Su-57 Stealth Fighters

    The Su-57 is coming—76 of them over the next decade, to be exact.Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at a Kremlin meeting that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to procure 76 Su-57 fifth-generation fighters by 2028, himself acknowledging that these new quantities dwarf previous Russian defense ministry estimates: "The 2028 arms program stipulated the purchase of 16 such jets… In the nearest future we will sign a package contract to supply 76 such jets equipped with modern weapons of destruction and provided with the necessary land infrastructure."The announcement defies the western defense analysis consensus, which concluded that the Su-57 will not enter production until the late 2020’s. Even then, it was alleged that Russia lacks the industrial output to churn out Su-57 fighters in militarily meaningful numbers.If the Kremlin’s new forecast proves to be accurate, what accounts for this drastic output increase?

  • For corporate America, abortion is just too hot to handle

    For corporate America, abortion is just too hot to handle

    Some subjects are just too sensitive for corporate America. When it comes to the draconian new abortion laws passed recently by some conservative US states, the country's biggest companies have been conspicuously silent. When corporate America ponders abortion -- an intensely personal matter that evokes furious public debate -- it sees only a lose-lose proposition.

  • US 'afraid' of war with Iran, claims  head of Revolutionary Guard
    The Telegraph

    US 'afraid' of war with Iran, claims  head of Revolutionary Guard

    The US is "afraid" of war with the US, the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard said as tensions between Tehran and Washington intensified over the weekend. Major General Hossein Salami told the Iranian state news agency, IRNA, that the country does not want war. "The difference between us and them is that they are afraid of war and don't have the will for it," he said. His remarks came against a backdrop of increased volatility in the region, with the US sending an aircraft carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf to counter an unspecified threat from Iran. Major General Salami's comments were dismissed by the US president on Twitter. "If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!" Mr Trump tweeted. The US Federal Aviation Administration has urged commercial aircraft to exercise caution when flying over the Persian Gulf, warning they ran the risk of being "misidentified". How Iran has stoked tensions in Gulf A similar misunderstanding in 1988 led to an American warship bringing down an Iran Air flight, killing all 290 people on board. Iraq, meanwhile, has condemned as "political" a decision by US energy giant ExxonMobil to evacuate staff from a southern oil field after Washington ordered personnel to quit its Baghdad embassy. Saudi Arabia responded to the escalating crisis by calling for a Gulf summit,  adding that while the country did not want war it would defend itself if hostilities erupted. John Bolton wants tough line with Iran Credit: Joshua Roberts/Reuters In Washington Donald Trump has emerged as a dove within his own administration, telling his acting defence secretary, Patrick Shanahan, that he wants to avoid an armed conflict erupting. It has put the US president at odds with John Bolton, his national security adviser and a long-standing foreign policy hawk, who has made little secret of his desire for regime change in Tehran. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has also sought to lower the temperature by asking European allies to intervene with Iran. Washington's stance on Iran has put it at odds with European allies, notably after it withdrew from the nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Over the weekend Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran and Democratic presidential candidate, rounded on Mr Trump and Mr Pompeo accusing them of leading the country into a war with Iran. "He says he doesn't want it, but the actions of him and his administration, people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, tell us a very different story," she said on ABC. "They are setting the stage for a war with Iran that would prove to be far more costly, far more devastating and dangerous than anything that we saw in the Iraq war."

  • Modi’s jobs deficit: J&J’s largest India plant idle three years after completion

    Modi’s jobs deficit: J&J’s largest India plant idle three years after completion

    It was to eventually employ at least 1,500 people and help bring development to a rural area near Hyderabad in southern India. Two sources familiar with J&J's operations in India and one state government official told Reuters production at the plant, at Penjerla in Telangana state, never began because of a slowing in the growth in demand for the products. One of them said that demand didn’t rise as expected because of two shock policy moves by Prime Minister Narendra Modi: a late 2016 ban on then circulating high-value currency notes, and the nationwide introduction of a goods and services tax (GST) in 2017.

  • Rocket attack hits near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone
    Associated Press

    Rocket attack hits near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone

    BAGHDAD (AP) — A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone Sunday night, landing less than a mile from the sprawling U.S. Embassy, an Iraqi military spokesman said.

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    10 deals you don’t want to miss on Saturday: AirPods 2, $35 Fire TV Stick 4K, $10 Philips Hue bulbs, more

    We've got another great weekend edition of our daily deals roundups for you, because great deals never take a day off! Highlights include a rare opportunity to save $20 on Apple AirPods 2 (order now to lock in the discount and they'll ship soon, likely within a few weeks), the Fire TV Stick 4K for $35 instead of $50 and the Fire TV Stick for $25 instead of $40 (Prime members only), all-time low prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 starting at $199, all-time low prices on iPads starting at $249, just $11.50 for a SanDisk 64GB microSD card (other sizes on sale too!), Philips Hue white LED bulbs for $10 a piece when you buy a 4-pack, Alexa and Google enabled WiFi smart plugs for $7.25 each when you buy a 4-pack, and more. See all of today's top deals below.

  • Britain's Prince Harry, queen attend Windsor Castle royal wedding

    Britain's Prince Harry, queen attend Windsor Castle royal wedding

    New father Britain's Prince Harry returned on Saturday to the Windsor Castle chapel where he married Meghan Markle a year ago this weekend, attending the wedding of relative Lady Gabriella Windsor. Queen Elizabeth's first cousin once removed, Gabriella, a 38-year-old freelance writer and daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, tied the knot with financier Thomas Kingston, 40, at the castle's 15th Century St George's Chapel. The wedding, attended by the monarch, 93, and her 97-year-old husband Prince Philip, marks the third royal nuptials in a year at Windsor Castle.