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  • WorldReuters

    Hamas says it repelled Israeli rescue attempt in Gaza, hostage killed

    DUBAI/JERUSALEM (Reuters) -The armed wing of Hamas said on Friday it had repelled an attempted hostage rescue by Israeli special forces in the Gaza Strip, inflicting several military casualties, and that a captive also died in the incident. Israel declined comment, accusing the Palestinian Islamist faction of attempting psychological warfare against it. In a statement on Telegram, Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades said its fighters discovered a special forces unit mounting a rescue attempt and attack

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  • OpinionCNN

    Opinion: The finest speech ever given in a presidential debate

    Champion debate coach Todd Graham writes that the the fourth Republican presidential debate delivered, “The finest speech ever in a presidential debate.”

    8 min read
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  • BusinessBenzinga

    Anti-Woke Beer Company Rivals Bud Light Launching 'Real Women' Calendar Designed To 'Serve As A Reminder: Men Can Never Replace The Beautiful Women Of America'

    The brewing industry, which traditionally focused on themes of patriotism, sports and classic Americana, recently has witnessed a cultural and marketing shift with Bud Light's recent foray into more progressive advertising by featuring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The campaign stirred controversy, resulting in a decline in sales for the nation’s top-selling beer brand. Georgia entrepreneur Seth Weathers’s response to the campaign is both bold and reflective of a growing sentiment among s

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  • USAssociated Press

    He moved into his daughter's dorm and acted like a cult leader. Abused students now suing college

    Two former students are suing Sarah Lawrence College, arguing the New York school failed to protect them from Lawrence Ray, who moved into his daughter's dorm after getting out of prison and then manipulated her friends and roommates into cult-like relationships. The plaintiffs, who also include the sister of one of the students, allege in a lawsuit filed late last month that Sarah Lawrence was partly to blame for their ordeal. The lawsuit says Ray made little attempt to hide the fact that he

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  • USPopular Mechanics

    Divers Found Cargo That Might Just Lead to a 'Mind-Blowing' Neolithic Shipwreck

    The discovery could become "one of the top five underwater strikes of all time."

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  • USThe Auto Wire

    Fentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Recklessly And Plays Dumb

    We’ve known some girls/women who openly brag about manipulating police officers who pull them over by intentionally acting like complete airheads. Everyone can debate about whether that or pulling the screeching Karen routine is worse – we find them to be equally annoying. This girl driving a Ford Mustang goes with the ditz routine, but as the deputy questions her the façade starts falling apart. The Auto Wire readers get more entries to win an exclusive Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang

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  • HealthYahoo Life

    What happens during a circumcision? Here's what to know about the procedure.

    Experts explain the risks, recovery and reasoning behind male circumcision.

    6 min read
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