NewsBlaze Announces a Series Profiling Community Activists: Highlighting Activists Involved in Unique Philanthropic Engagements

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NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Newsblaze announces its latest feature story, about community activist Shalom Lamm and highlighting his kind works towards his community - especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Story about community activist Shalom Lamm highlights his kind works for his community as part of the NewsBlaze People series.
Story about community activist Shalom Lamm highlights his kind works for his community as part of the NewsBlaze People series.

Shalom Lamm is a real estate entrepreneur, developer, philanthropist and community activist. He is not only the CEO of Operation Benjamin, but an established businessman in the real estate industry. Lamm is published on Medium, Social Media Explorer, Space Coast Daily, Thrive Global, and Ambit Success. He works diligently to help serve as a role model to those who know him best - particularly the younger generation that is still maturing and growing up during these especially turbulent times.

"With the pandemic still being a current topic, it's easy to lose sight of others. Since humans are so social, it's clear that this pandemic has separated many of us for safety reasons. However, just because we are seperated does not mean the work stops. Enhancing communities in a time of such turmoil is a necessary doing for all."

With his heavy involvement in the New York communities especially, Lamm has dramatically changed the lives of many individuals for the better. His kindness goes unmatched.

This story is part of the NewsBlaze series that profiles noteworthy individuals who are making a positive impact within their communities during these especially challenging times.

"We are excited to continue building our feature series of profiles of notable individuals whose good works benefit their communities. This series began with our old friend, Maryland Trade Ambassador Philip Kapneck, a wonderful man who dedicated his life to the service of others," said NewsBlaze CEO, Alan Gray.

For any questions, comments or feedback, Shalom Lamm may be contacted at his blog or by visiting his profile on Behance.

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