Newsom Announces 10 $1.5M Prizes For Those Who Get COVID-19 Vaccine

California is starting its own COVID-19 vaccine incentive program that Gov. Gavin Newsom hopes will entice more people to get the shot.

Video Transcript

- And some breaking news this afternoon, the governor just announcing $116 million is up for grabs to convince people to get the COVID shot.

- CBS 13's Marissa Perlman live at the Capitol with the state's new Cash To Get [? Vaxxed ?] program. Marissa.

MARISSA PERLMAN: Yeah Curits, the number of Californians getting the shot is dropping. So the state's new motivator, well it's money. The program is called for Vax For The Win, and it's the biggest incentive program in the nation, according to the governor.

Now he previously said this wouldn't be some big jackpot lottery prize, but it sure sounds that way. The majority of the $116 million is going to the next two million people who roll up their sleeves. They'll get $50 prepaid or grocery digital cards, and 30 winners get 50 grand in what's called $50,000 Fridays picked on two dates next month. And on June 15th, the state's reopening date, 10 winners are getting picked for $1.5 million prizes.

The governor says California has vaccinated more people than any other state in the country, but he's hoping to get more people with shots in their arms before that big 15th date.

GAVIN NEWSOM: So these are real incentives. These are an opportunity to say thank you to those not only seeking to get vaccinated as we move forward but also those that have been vaccinated since we first availed those opportunities a number of months ago.

MARISSA PERLMAN: So what if you already got the shot, you're automatically entered for those big cash prizes. And if you've had your first shot but not your second by the deadline, the governor says you just need to get your first shot to be eligible for the prizes.