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Newsom On California’s COVID Vaccine Rollout: ‘There’s Not Enough Doses’

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom Monday morning blamed the state’s limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine on a "manufacturing issue."

Video Transcript

- We are also seeing progress in the fight against the pandemic. Health officials say the numbers are improving as more people get vaccinated. CBS2's Tina Patel is in Long Beach where Governor Newsom is recognizing the city for its vaccination effort.

TINA PATEL: It's another busy day at the Long Beach Convention Center. The city was one of the first to start vaccinating teachers a month ago, and today, that effort continues.

ROBERT GARCIA: We'll probably be vaccinating almost 1,000 teachers who will be receiving their second dose, and so we are really excited about that.

TINA PATEL: Governor Newsom says after a slow start, the state is ramping up its vaccinations. Nearly 7 and 1/2 million Californians have already received at least one dose.

GAVIN NEWSOM: There's two nations in the world that have administered more vaccines than the state of California. I don't know any other state that's averaging 200,000 vaccine doses being administered on a daily basis.

TINA PATEL: Still, he admits the state is limited by the supply coming from the federal government.

GAVIN NEWSOM: There's not enough doses. There's not enough vaccines to accommodate the need and demand. Just at this site, they're running about a third of capacity.

TINA PATEL: But the governor is optimistic about the promise of more doses. He says the state should receive 1.5 million next week, and 75,000 of those will be allocated specifically for teachers and child care workers.

GAVIN NEWSOM: I have no trepidation in saying this. We're going to get that 10% set aside. That is a commitment, and we are resolved to get that done for our teachers and for our educators.

TINA PATEL: Supervisor Janice Hahn says the city of Long Beach has shown that can be done. And that's why she's going to push for the city to get even more doses.

JANICE HAHN: You've shown that you take your doses, and you get them out quickly, and you move through all these sectors while sometimes the rest of the county seems to be struggling. I want to see you get more doses so you can help us.

TINA PATEL: Although this site is operating efficiently, the governor admits mass vaccination sites are not easily accessible to those without cars or technology. That's why he said more of an effort needs to be made to reach people in underserved communities. In Long Beach, Tina Patel, CBS2 News.