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Newsom says he's proud of out-of-state people 'b****ing' about California

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Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom used profanity extensively during a tense interview with state newspapers on issues urgent to Californians late last month.

While answering policy questions from writers and editors of several California newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, the Modesto Bee, the Fresno Bee, and the San Luis Obispo Tribune, a seemingly annoyed Newsom said he was proud of people from out of state "b****ing" about California. The interview took place on July 29 and was published on Aug. 5 by the Sacramento Bee.

"California has the nation's highest housing cost, highest gasoline prices, and highest utilities. Wage growth has been spectacular in Silicon Valley but not so much for areas along the coast and in some inland areas," an interviewer said to Newsom over a video call. "How do you make the case that you as governor can deliver the California dream to all Californians?"

The governor responded with a lengthy rundown "off the top of [his] damn head" on the sectors that California dominates outside of Silicon Valley tech companies, including logging and manufacturing.

"It would be damn nice if our homegrown team would be focusing on what's right," Newsom said with a raised voice. "Everybody outside this state is b****ing about this state because of our success, and I'm proud of it."


While there was no pushback or complaints from the interviewers, Newsom offered a soft apology for the profanity midway through, saying, "Guys, forgive me. I know I am a little pointed today, but I've been taking a lot from you folks for a lot of months. I should be able to express myself, too."

Earlier in the exchange, the governor acknowledged his recall election, saying, "But I do it with deep pride in this state as a Californian. I'm a future ex-governor. It could happen in a few weeks, it could happen in a few years."

The recall election, which is scheduled for Sept. 14, was triggered after conservative groups successfully campaigned for enough signatures to challenge Newsom's office in June 2020. Critics of the governor have claimed that his leadership has caused financial strife in the state, while the governor's supporters claim the election is a Republican power grab.


Newsom will be challenged by a field of Republican candidates, including radio host Larry Elder, former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, former Rep. Doug Ose, and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Newsom, who failed to register as a Democrat before the deadline, will not be listed as a Democrat on the ballot.

The Republican Party has refused to endorse any candidate, who will all be running without the support of the party.

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