Newsom signs orders to roll back California COVID-19 restrictions next week

The June 15 rollbacks were long advertised by Gov. Gavin Newsom, but the orders make it official. Masks will only be required in a small number of large, congregate settings.

Video Transcript

DAYNA DEVON: Some upbeat music and flashy graphics, California giving away more money in its Vax for the Win program. 15 more names were drawn today, and they're each going to win $50,000. Now, anybody who got vaccinated here in California is eligible, and there are winners today from LA, Orange, and Riverside County.

The governor says our vaccination rates are way up. New cases now at less than 1,000 a day. That's across the entire state. It's down from more than 45,000 at the peak of the pandemic. And the governor says, yeah, he is very proud of the people of California.

GAVIN NEWSOM: California has the lowest case rate in the United States of America, which is significant when you consider the size and scale of our state, the density in this state. I bring that up for no other reason than express my gratitude and appreciation to millions of Californians that took the opportunity to get vaccinated and, as a consequence, to put California in the position we are today.

DAYNA DEVON: All right. Again, starting on Tuesday, masks will not be required for people who are fully vaccinated, with some exceptions. Let's go ahead and show you. They are still required at mega events, concerts, some sporting events, public transportation-- we're talking about at the airport, on airplanes, and buses, and trains-- health care settings like hospitals and long-term care facilities, and indoors at schools. But in fact, that one could change very soon.

Unvaccinated people are still going to have to wear their masks when they are at bars and restaurants. And it is going to be up to the local businesses to decide how they want to check on that, how they want to enforce that, but I can tell you that there are big changes coming. We're making progress, and it all starts on Tuesday.