California announces $536 million wildfire prevention plan

Gov. Gavin Newsom and California lawmakers have announced a new $536 million plan that would help the state respond to and recover from wildfires.

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: I had put out in January a proposal for the legislature to invest a record amount in our home hardening, our forest health, as well as fuel brake and vegetation management efforts. A billion dollars. To the legislature's credit and to the leadership of the California legislature, they wanted to move forward more aggressively and draw down $536 million to get moving now, to get that ball rolling, and to start those efforts with the urgency this moment requires.

And so today, we're announcing a deal with the legislative leadership, with Speaker Anthony Rendon, and with our [INAUDIBLE] Tony Atkins, that we have their commitment and we have the confidence in the vote being secured as early as Monday and my signature on Tuesday. That will be drawing down $536 million and get these projects moving and start to scale so we're prepared for this upcoming wildfire season.

We also did something a couple of weeks ago that got a little bit of attention but I think deserves to be highlighted again. We put $80,740,000, almost $81 million, to support Cal Fire to hire 1,400 firefighters so we can start searching and preparing for this wildfire season. I used my emergency authority to do that. Again, sense of urgency and recognition of the moment we're in.