Newton South Holds First Football Practice As Shortened Season Begins

WBZ-TV's Steve Burton spoke with some Newton South High School football players who were practicing in the snow.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30, another chance to play. Some fall sports high school athletes are now allowed to start their seasons. So the spring version of sports like football, cheerleading, and indoor track will be shortened, and there will be new rules, of course. WBZ sports director, Steve Burton's live in Newton for the first day of football. Steve.

STEVE BURTON: [LAUGHING] I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm out here. Yeah, usually when football starts, you're worried about the heat. Not today, folks. Not today, especially here at Newton South and high schools across the state, practicing for the first time, day one of practice.

Yeah, there are no complaints out here, and especially here at Newton South, because these guys are anxious, yes, anxious, to get back onto the football field. This is crazy.

- Hey, you've been waiting 17 months for this, boys. Let's go. Day one. Hoo-rah.

STEVE BURTON: Hoo-rah is right. Practice today was scheduled for about 45 minutes. They need to get 17 practices in, as long as the weather cooperates, before they start playing games. They're planning for a five or six-game season and planning to open up March 12th against Westford Academy. They'd like to play on Friday nights, but again, the conditions might be a lot better on Saturday afternoon. So that's subject to change.

But they don't really care when they play. They're just thrilled to be back onto the football field. It's football season.


STEVE BURTON: Or so it seems, right?

ANTHONY MAREGNI: Yeah, so it seems.

STEVE BURTON: How excited are you guys to be out here again?

ANTHONY MAREGNI: We're very excited to be out here. You know, it's been like 400 days since the last season. So you know, it's about time we get [INAUDIBLE]. It's time to ball.

STEVE BURTON: How long have you been waiting to do this?

ROBERTO FIGUEROA: Oh, this whole year. You know, I thought we were going to play in the fall, you know, and then we found out that we were not going to have it. I was pretty mad. But you know, we're back out here, and I'm feeling great. So it's good to be out here with my teammates.

STEVE BURTON: What's wrong with you? You're in shorts.

AIDEN HOLT: [LAUGHS] Yeah, I don't know. It was-- sort of what the [INAUDIBLE] had or not. I figured if I was moving the whole time, then I'd stay warm and didn't want to overdo it [? sweating. ?] So that's what it was.

STEVE BURTON: Did you know you were going to be practicing outside?

AIDEN HOLT: Yes, I did, sir. [LAUGHS]

STEVE BURTON: Right to here. Hey, guys, this is crazy out here. But then again, this is football weather. OK, so they have to make adjustments. That's what they're doing all across the state.

Here at Newton South, these guys are excited to be playing some football and-- hey, run the play so we can get you on TV. I used to coach here. I love it. Snap it! Here, here, here, over here, over here. How much do we love football?

- We love it.

STEVE BURTON: How much do we love football?

- We love it.

- We love it so, so much.

- We love it. Let's go.

STEVE BURTON: These guys are crazy. Guys, back to you.

- Are you sure those guys are crazy?

- I know. [LAUGHS]

- Steve Burton, we love you.