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Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Know How to Make

Cocktails aren’t a life necessity, but sometimes, they’re necessary. Whether you’re craving a classic Cosmopolitan or Negroni, there are moments when a hard seltzer or a pitcher of sangria just won’t get the job done. Plenty of bars serve drinks that are skillfully shaken and stirred, but maybe you want to sip a classic Old Fashioned while watching Mad Men reruns in your pajamas. Or you feel like having some friends over to show them your cocktail shaking moves, a la Tom Cruise (in his younger days). Whether you want to learn how to make classic cocktails, vodka cocktails or just a few easy cocktails for sipping after a long day, it pays to have a few cocktails recipes up your sleeve.

It takes a bit of skill to make these popular mixed drinks, but it’s fun to practice and will guarantee you eager volunteer tasters. Many classic cocktails have only two or three ingredients and a few don’t even require special equipment. And if you're wondering about the calories, take note that choosing wisely (and drinking in moderation) is key. Grab some mixers and your favorite spirit and get shakin'!