NFC East poised to finish as the worst division ever

Michael David Smith
·1 min read

This year’s NFC East is well on its way to earning a special place in NFL history, as the worst division ever.

The worst cumulative record in NFL history for a division was the 2008 NFC West, which went 22-42, a .344 winning percentage. The NFC East is well below that.

Currently the four teams in the NFC East are a combined 6-19-1, a .250 winning percentage. After Dallas and Washington play each other on Sunday, that record will “improve” to 7-20-1 (or 6-19-3, if Dallas-Washington ends in a tie). That’s a winning percentage of .268.

To put together a winning percentage of .268 through seven weeks of the season is stunningly bad, and there’s little reason to think it’s going to get better. In fact, it’s easy to envision six wins being enough to win the division.

That, of course, would mean a six-win team hosting a playoff game, as the NFL’s playoff seeding always gives a home playoff game to every division winner. This year’s NFC East winner may just be the worst team ever to host a postseason game.

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