NFL Draft: Is Alabama's Mac Jones the Most Pro Ready Quarterback Prospect?

Alabama quarterback Mac Jones discusses why he believes he's pro ready, and what sets him apart from the other quarterbacks in this class.

Video Transcript


MAC JONES: You know, what separates me is my preparation and my ability to take what I learn from the coaches meetings and my own meetings and then apply it to the field. I'm going to do exactly what the coach tells me to do and I'm going to play within the framework of the offense.

But at Alabama, I was asked to throw bubble passes and throw down the field, and I just did whatever Coach Sark wanted me to do. And if another team wants me to run zone read or do something like that, I'll do that. So I'm willing to do whatever.

- A lot of analysts have called you the most pro ready quarterback in this class. So I'm just wondering, can you speak a little bit to your ability to make those full field reads?

MAC JONES: Yeah, so in terms of being pro ready, yeah, I think I've always tried to be a pro, whatever I do. And I think the team that picks me is going to realize that they don't have to worry about me being the first guy in and the last guy out. I'm going to sit and watch as much film as I can and do all the right things.

And then, obviously, you know, the tape speaks for itself. I mean, you can watch what I did. And nobody knows my reads. So people out there that say that I'm just throwing to the first guy, that's necessarily true. I do a really good job of dissecting defenses, and I'm going to continue to do that. Obviously, in the NFL it's going to be really a lot more difficult. But hopefully, I'll be able to figure that out.