NFL Draft: One-on-One this Prospect says 'I'm the Best Player in America'

Purdue Boilermakers star Rondale Moore discusses why he believes he's the top playmaker in this draft class.

Video Transcript


RONDALE MOORE: So when we talk about money down, it's 30 short or anything like that with a back one-on-one, I think I'm the best player in America. When we need a play, I think there's no doubt in my mind that I can get it done. So I think as a playmaker, I'm the best there is in the country.

- You've been kind of compared to anyone from Steve Smith to Tyler Lockett. Who do you kind of mold your game after at the NFL level?

RONDALE MOORE: As far as molding my game after, I mean, I think I possess a lot of different qualities that make me unique as a player, so to pinpoint one guy, that would be tough. But I mean, sure, you could throw in some Tyreek Hill or Steve Smith, guys like that. I think as far as studying goes, I like to watch Calvin Ridley, Keenan Allen, Cole Beasley in the slot, Cooper Cup in the slot. So guys like that.