NFL Draft: Why this Prospect Compared Himself to Cowboys Receiver Amari Cooper

North Carolina Tar Heels receiver Dyami Brown discusses why he models his game after Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Video Transcript


- Hey, Dyami. Are there any NFL wide receivers right now that you kind of model your game after or kind of take things away when you watch them?

DYAMI BROWN: So there are actually two receivers that I try to watch. So I watch Davante Adams. And the question earlier with the releases, I pretty much got that from him. And then Amari Cooper-- I feel like we have the same build and run. So just route running is a great aspect for that. So those are two main guys that I watch the most.

- You think that you can work in some special team things for some teams like, they can look and maybe like make more of validity for you on the draft?

DYAMI BROWN: Yes, of course. So actually I did special teams my freshman year, but the past two years I was held back from that just for their purposes. They decided that was best for me. But I think special teams is very important, so I definitely would make a big impact with that.