NFL insider doubts Tom Brady signs one-day deal to retire with Patriots

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement Wednesday, and that has led to speculation on if he’d sign a one-day contract to officially retire with the Patriots organization.

One NFL insider doesn’t think it will happen.

The idea has gained some traction in recent days with Patriots owner Robert Kraft claiming he’d do the deal “tomorrow,” during an appearance on CNN on Thursday. The idea itself doesn’t sound crazy, given that Brady cemented himself as the best quarterback in franchise history after leading the organization to six Super Bowl titles.

Nevertheless, NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran threw cold water on the idea during an appearance on WEEI Thursday, as transcribed by WEEI’s Alex Reimer.

“A couple of weeks ago I asked — as it was being passed around — speculation ‘will Brady come back to the Patriots?’ I said, ‘That wouldn’t happen, right?’ I was told via text, that would not happen. He would never go back to the Patriots,” said Curran. “Now, would he come back and sign a one-day contract? I would imagine the same thing holds true.”

This latest piece of information sheds light on a potentially contentious split between Brady and the Patriots organization. It will be fascinating to see how this all plays out.


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Tom Brady Patriots 2018
Tom Brady Patriots 2018

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire