NFL Power Rankings: Raiders' romp over Eagles sends Birds to new low

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Eagles hit new 2021 power rankings low after Vegas drubbing originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles seem to have hit their lowest point of the season after seven weeks, taking a beating in Las Vegas in an eminently winnable game and looking basically lost on both sides of the ball against the Raiders.

Nick Sirianni's team appears to be one of the worst in the league, a harsh reality even for fans who were ready for an underwhelming season. I don't think anyone expected the Birds to look this bad.

Let's scour seven different national outlets to find out what they're saying about the Birds after yet another home loss:


This week: 25

Last week: 24 (-1)

"Defensive tackle Javon Hargrave is about the only player who has matched or exceeded expectations. Brandon Graham got hurt early in the season, and that really impacted the whole operation. Ryan Kerrigan has not looked at all like his old self and continues to see fewer snaps, and Fletcher Cox is clearly not happy with the way he's being utilized by defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon. Offenses are gashing the Eagles, and that's due in part to the fact that things are not clicking up front."

This week: 26

Last week: 24 (-2)

"Loved this stat from NBC Sports Edge (via John Daigle): Jalen Hurts has scored 43.4 percent of his fantasy points in the fourth quarter this season. Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team, but that data gives us an idea of what's really happening with the Eagles' offense beneath the solid counting stats for the second-year quarterback. This is an offense that regularly sleepwalks through the first three quarters of games before making it respectable in garbage time. The inconsistency of the attack shouldn't be put at the feet of Hurts alone, but would it be entirely shocking if Nick Sirianni turned to newly elevated backup Gardner Minshew to juice Philly's offense when the outcome is still undecided? Hurts doesn't have the draft pedigree or (seemingly) the organizational support to remain the locked-and-loaded QB1."

CBS Sports

This week: 26

Last week: 23 (-3)

"They suddenly have questions about whether Jalen Hurts should stay in as quarterback. I think he should just to find out about the future."

Sporting News

This week: 25

Last week: 22 (-3)

"The Eagles feel like they should be a much better team, given some of the play Jalen Hurts flashes at quarterback. But their lack of effectiveness in the traditional rushing game and maddeningly inconsistent defense have grown into bigger problems."

Pro Football Network

This week: 26

Last week: 24 (-2)

"The Philadelphia Eagles’ lack of sufficient linebacker play showed today as Foster Moreau did his best Darren Waller impression. It’s becoming more challenging to see Jalen Hurts as the starting QB in Philadelphia past this season, although there isn’t much happening from a play-calling standpoint to help.

"Without being in the building, it’s impossible to know if the Eagles’ passing attack is this way because they’re hiding Hurts, or if they’re truly just trying to force line-of-scrimmage passes and sideline shots down the throat of the defense."

Bleacher Report

This week: 26

Last week: 24 (-2)

"The Eagles are officially in free-fall.

"After falling to the Raiders in Las Vegas on Sunday, they have dropped five of six since blowing out the Falcons in Week 1. This game wasn't as close as the final score suggests.

"'I haven't been doing a good enough job, clearly,' quarterback Jalen Hurts told reporters after the defeat. 'We've been losing games. We believe in ourselves, we believe in our coaches, we believe in everything we have going on here in Philadelphia. It's a matter of executing. It's something we've yet to do on a consistent basis.'

"Yes, the offense has struggled, especially early in games. But part of that has been uninspired play-calling, and the Philly defense was torched by the Raiders for 442 total yards.

"At 2-5, the Eagles are in a three-way tangle of terrible with Washington and the New York Giants in the NFC East. And at the rate things are going, some are speculating Nick Sirianni's first year as head coach may be his last."

Sports Illustrated

This week: 28

Last week: 27 (-1)

"The Eagles are lucky that Carson Wentz isn’t playing that much better than Jalen Hurts. In my favorite QB rankings composite, they’re 19th and 23rd, respectively, while running a version of the same scheme, which is a fair comparison. Their three first-round picks looked more tantalizing when it appeared they could command the board and take the No. 1 quarterback. But now that no No. 1 quarterback seems to exist, one hopes they get Hurts the pieces he needs to succeed."

Yep, kind of hard to argue with those scathing rebukes of Sirianni's team. Hurts isn't a starting quarterback, Sirianni looks overmatched, and things are just generally bad.

This is the lowest the Eagles' average ranking has been since before Week 1. Rough.

I'll be tracking the Eagles' power rankings across these seven outlets all season long at the bottom of these posts.

Season-long tracker

Average before Week 1: 26.42

Average after Week 1: 20.57 (+5.85)

Average after Week 2: 21.00 (-0.43)

Average after Week 3: 22.66 (-1.66)

Average after Week 4: 25.28 (-2.62)

Average after Week 5: 22.00 (+3.28) 

Average after Week 6: 24.00 (-2.00)

Average after Week 7: 26.00 (-2.00)

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