NFL star Zach Wilson seemingly addresses rumours he slept with his mom’s best friend

The professional football world has been filled with drama this week after the ex-girlfriend of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson claimed he was “sleeping with his mom’s best friend”. Now, it seems Wilson has subtly addressed the rumours in a cheeky social media post.

The speculation began after news broke that Abbey Gile, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, is currently dating Wilson’s former Brigham Young University teammate Dax Milne, 23. On 9 July, the Washington Commanders wide receiver posted two beachside photos with an unidentified woman to Instagram with the caption, “Word on the street”.

According to the New York Post, sports site uStadium later identified the blonde in Milne’s post as Gile, adding that she had split with Wilson – her high school sweetheart – earlier this year.

Gile then confirmed the relationship in a since-deleted video on her Instagram, but received criticism from social media users over her new relationship. One commenter even accused Gile of being a “homie hopper” for dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend and college roommate. In response, Gile commented that Wilson “was sleeping with his mom’s best friend … that’s the real homie hopper”.

She then deleted her Instagram account, while Milne has since turned off comments on his recent post with Gile.

Gile’s claim that Wilson had slept with his “mom’s bed friend” caused widespread reaction from football fans on social media, even launching several memes online. Now, it appears that the 22-year-old Jets quarterback has responded to the rumours.

On Wednesday, Wilson posted to Instagram a series of photos of himself and his Jets teammates of himself and his Jets teammates in Idaho. “Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp!” he captioned the post. “Poor cell service…what I miss?”

His sly caption received praised from a number of social media influencers and fellow football players. Even the official New York Jets Instagram account joined in on the fun, commenting a saluting face emoji.

“That’s my QB,” said Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios.

“Legendary,” wrote Michael Carter, running back for the New York Jets.

“Elite caption game! Ha,” said Los Angeles Chargers linebacker Kyle Van Noy.

While the rumours that Wilson slept with “his mom’s best friend” have yet to be confirmed, the NFL star’s mother Lisa Neeleman Wilson did share a nearly 30-minute video to Instagram on Monday. Instead of addressing the rumours about her son’s love life, she detailed a situation in which her youngest daughter allegedly had an interaction with an online predator.

“Children don’t belong on social platforms,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram video. “I completely underestimated the degree of evil that was possible, in a little electronic device, I personally placed in my baby girl’s hand.”

“Gone are the days of creepy ice cream trucks and stranger danger,” she added.

Zach Wilson was drafted into the NFL in 2021. The New York Jets are expected to begin summer training at the end of July.