Patriots deemed NFL team with the most favorable schedule in 2019

Kelsey Driscoll

Shield your eyes, football fans, because it looks like the New England Patriots will sail smoothly into the playoffs once again this year. 

The experts at NFL Network have determined that New England has the "most favorable" schedule this upcoming season after each team's 2019 opponents were revealed on Wednesday night. 

A major factor in the Patriots' schedule being deemed so favorable is that their most difficult games, including an AFC Championship game rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs, will be held at home at Gillette Stadium. New England's most difficult road game, according to Maurice Jones-Drew, will come Week 11 in Philadelphia. 

Look back at that AFC Championship game: 

The Baltimore Ravens also have a promising schedule in 2019. The Ravens are the only team in the league that will alternate home and away games each week, giving the players some much-desired consistency throughout the season.