NFTBomb Opens up a Number of Innovative Smart Contract Agreements such as INO and BOOM to Empower CryptoPunks and Loot

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - October 14, 2021) - The NFT exploded completely in 2021. Apart from the current popular head portrait collection, the NFTBomb is the most popular head project. The NFTBomb opens up a number of innovative smart contract agreements such as INO and BOOM, enabling CryptoPunks and Loot. NFTBomb and NFTs are equivalent to the relationship between Ethereum and block chains. NFTBomb believes that only with rich playing methods can more players be attracted and the current NFT ecology can be expanded, not only in the collection fields such as CryptoPunks and Loot.

NFTBomb believes that a high-quality project can run on products that are applications. The next step in the playable application is to build the surrounding ecological tools, ETH's liquidity management tools, DeFi and so on, piled up like Lego bricks. DEX, stable currencies, borrowings, income pools and derivatives have built a diverse and complex ecosystem. NFT is a component, and the next step of the component is application. At present, the NFT head project applied in the market must be NFTBomb.

With NFTBomb, developers can incubate many third-party NFT protocols. Any player with NFT assets can participate, and any protocol development project can publish their own protocol gameplay on it. This is the perfect mapping of the relationship between public chain and DAPP in the field of NFT. NFTBomb, in addition to the underlying NFT assets, it also aggregates many open ecological projects with NFT protocol gameplay, which is rich, funny and interesting, so that NFT has real landing value.

For example, the current INO protocol proposed by NFTBomb is a fragmented Pro version. INO can greatly reduce the threshold for participation in NFT, even 1USDT can also participate in the public auction of masterpieces.

NFTBomb builds an open INO platform through the protocol layer, allowing NFT assets to circulate through the fragmentation and obtain a value definition based on the free market.


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In addition to the INO agreement, NFTBomb also proposed the BOOM agreement, which is the first appearance of Fomo games in the NFT field.

How to Play the BOOM protocol

How to play: The BOOM protocol allows the project party to initiate a BOOM pool and inject bonuses. All users who hold NFT assets can use their existing NFT assets to collide with random numbers on the chain and win the prize pool according to the rules. This is a non-destructive collision process as the collision on the chain requires a very small amount of BOOM fee. Except for the gas fee, all other costs will be injected into the BOOM pool.

Predictably, the BOOM pool will grow rapidly under the condition of visible to the naked eye, until someone accidentally wins the prize!

With the rich and interesting variety of NFTBomb agreements, the number of participants in the entire NFT market will increase significantly, which will bring huge traffic to CryptoPunks and Loot, which have a single game model. The number of people attracted off-site has repriced CryptoPunks and Loot and re-examined the value of these NFT collections.

The value of NFTBomb

According to data from Dune Analytics, as of the end of August, the NFT trading platform Opensea had a transaction volume of US$2.4 billion.

In fact, Opensea can be said to be a unicorn in the NFT trading market as it occupies half of the NFT trading market. However, if users compare the NFT trading market with the ERC20 token trading market, they can find that Opensea trading volume is far less than Uniswap's. According to data from Dune Analytics, as of the end of August, the transaction volume of the decentralized exchange Uniswap in August was about 40 billion U.S. dollars, which is about 17 times the transaction volume of Opensea.

Is it possible that the transaction scale of the NFT token market will exceed the transaction scale of the ERC20 token market in the future? If people just treat NFT as a collection, the answer to the above question is obviously no.

If NFT appears in other application markets, just like the blockchain world after the emergence of Ethereum, the market value has also undergone earth-shaking changes. The existence of NFTBomb will have a great opportunity to help the NFT market link the traditional world. Whether it is artwork or games, it will be viewed as a whole.

In the future, the changes brought about by asset form, digital assetization, and asset tokenization are expected. It may not take long for people to become accustomed to digital ownership and no longer feel incomprehensible about holding digital assets. At that time, they may have entered the era that everything could be NFT, and NFTBomb will have the same status as Ethereum today.

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