NFTs are the ‘holy grail for humans’ that will be used for everything

During the “Crypto Goes Mainstream: Yahoo Finance Special” Gary Vaynerchuk said he expects NFTs to be “used for everything” in the future. Vaynerchuk called NFTs “the Holy Grail for humans,” and that they’ll be used like QR codes and paper tickets to get into things like concerts. Take a listen.

Video Transcript

GARY VAYNERCHUK: Every contract, all of them, buying a car, buying a home, it's a smart contract that is confirmed and accepted and transparent. It is the holy grail for humans. It's just that we're the fortunate humans that are here when it's being invented.

It will be the mundane in 80 years. I think it's going to be used for everything. I would be flabbergasted. I don't like to make these kind of predictions, because I could be wrong and I don't want to clip it and make fun of myself. But I would be stunned if not the majority of sporting event and concerts are NFTs, not just QR codes and paper tickets, in 15 years. I would be flabbergasted.