NH Eases Some COVID Restrictions For Travelers, Restaurants And Bars

WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

PAULA ABBOTT: New Hampshire moving towards normalcy. Good evening. I'm Paula Abbott.

LISA HUGHES: And I'm Lisa Hughes. Businesses can now operate at full capacity there as long as people are still social distancing. Here's WBZ's Mike LaCrosse.

- It's about time. We need it.

MIKE LACROSSE: New Hampshire is relaxing some of its COVID-19 restrictions, allowing for some businesses to increase to full capacity.

- Maybe trying to get back into the norm.

- Oh, I think it's good. I run into people I haven't seen for ages. You know what I mean?

MIKE LACROSSE: Stores can now operate at 100% capacity. And barbershops and salons are allowed to have walk-in clients and even use their waiting areas again.

CHRIS SUNUNU: This does bring us in line with other states across the country.

MIKE LACROSSE: Governor Chris Sununu says easing some restrictions now will allow businesses to prepare for busier months ahead.

CHRIS SUNUNU: We know it's going to be a very good summer. And we know a lot of folks across the country in the region are planning now for what their travel plans might be. And so we don't want the tourism industry to suffer. They took the brunt of the hit, if you will, last year.

MIKE LACROSSE: The capacity limit for wedding venues and function halls is also back up to 100%.

So how many people can you have in here?

It's allowing places like the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, New Hampshire to bring on more staff and start booking larger events.

JILLIAN ROSA: The phone calls and inquiries are already coming in as of yesterday afternoon. So we are very excited.

MIKE LACROSSE: Out-of-state visitors are no longer required to quarantine if they come into New Hampshire. The state's mask mandate, though, that remains in place. Reporting from Salem, New Hampshire, I'm Mike LaCrosse, WBZ News.