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NH Executive Order Requiring All Schools Provide In-Person Learning Option By March 8

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Gov. Chris Sununu says very few schools are operating as remote only. WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Well New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed an executive order today that requires at least some in-person learning at all the schools in that state. But as WBZ's Paul Burton found the governor's plan is meeting with mixed reaction.

GOV CHRIS SUNUNU: All schools have to come back into at least a hybrid model of learning, at least a couple of days a week, starting on March 8th.

PAUL BURTON: Official today New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signs a K through 12 back to school emergency order. The decision has school officials rushing to make plans within the next two weeks.

- It will be difficult. In person learning is different than remote learning.

PAUL BURTON: Governor Sununu says only a few schools are fully remote right now. He says 60% of schools are already in a hybrid model and 40% have been in-person learning five days a week. The order he signed today requires that schools must provide the option of in-person learning at least two days a week.

- We can do better.

PAUL BURTON: Alysha Houston is with Nashua Parent Voice. She says today in-person learning is simply not enough for her son who's in the 11th grade.

- We kind of feel like he missed the boat. Really these kids deserve a five day, in-person, learning opportunity.

PAUL BURTON: The [? Malton ?] family of Londonderry have three kids, and they have no intentions of sending their children back to school this soon.

We were concerned about their health and our health. I'm a disabled veteran.

- I want to make sure that it's safe enough where the vaccine's been out for a while. And it just seems rushed.

PAUL BURTON: Governor Sununu says safeguards will be in place as kids report back to school. However many teachers firmly believe that they should be vaccinated before they return to the classroom.

- The educators in New Hampshire should have been in phase one for vaccinations. It makes them feel safer to be back in the classroom but it's just one piece of this.

PAUL BURTON: The governor says they plan to vaccinate the teachers soon however health officials and data shows schools can reopen safely without vaccination. In Nashua, New Hampshire, Paul Burton, ABC News.