NH Grandmother Arrested For Attending School Committee Meeting In Plaistow Without A Mask

WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

ANARIDIS RODRIGUEZ: A New Hampshire grandmother was arrested after refusing to wear a mask at a school committee meeting. Thank you for joining us tonight, I'm Anaridis Rodriguez.

PAULA EBBEN: And I'm Paula Ebben. Tonight that grandmother is telling WBZ's Mike LaCrosse she thinks her arrest was illegal.

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MIKE LACROSSE: A group of people without masks showed up to Thursday night's Timberlane Regional School District Meeting in Plaistow, New Hampshire.

KATE BOSSI: You are violating my rights right now.

MIKE LACROSSE: They were met by police trying to keep them out.

KATE BOSSI: And I kept walking into the theater and he goes, "You're arrested." And I said, "No, I'm taking my seat."

MIKE LACROSSE: Kate Bossi was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

KATE BOSSI: We had hand outs. This was going to be great.

MIKE LACROSSE: Bossi has several grandchildren in the regional district which includes schools in Plaistow, Danville, Sandown, and Atkinson. She was planning to speak out against the school's mask policy.

KATE BOSSI: When you say, "just wear the mask," you clearly have no understanding of early childhood development and these are educators.

MIKE LACROSSE: School committee member Shawn O'Neil says the meeting was called off before it even started.

- As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MIKE LACROSSE: It resumed via Zoom later in the evening. O'Neil believes the board needs to reconsider its mask policy now that the CDC updated its guidelines.

SHAWN O'NEIL: I have been hearing from my constituents about the mask and there's no leeway. There's no give.

MIKE LACROSSE: A lot of the parents we spoke with here at the middle school tell us they're vaccinated and they don't feel the need to wear the mask anymore, but they do agree in some cases that their kids should still wear them inside the classroom.

- I have to say I'm OK with that because they're in closed quarters.

- He has to wear a mask but I'm also a first responder so I have to wear a mask every single day that I go to work.

- They're the ones who voted for the mask mandate, correct? The ones who left.

MIKE LACROSSE: This is the second time this week a public meeting has been called off in southern New Hampshire over masks. In Plaistow, Mike LaCrosse, WBZ News.