NH restaurant staff, patrons ready to remove masks as mandate ends

New Hampshire's mask mandate will expire Friday, the governor saying the decision was based on looking at certain data points, including deaths, hospitalization and vaccinations.

Video Transcript

- I am excited about the fact that we no longer are going to have to wear the mask starting tomorrow.

- Servers at Tuscan kitchen in Salem New Hampshire say they're ready to take off their masks and some customers are too.

- It's a nice freedom to actually go out and dine and not have a mask on.

- The state will no longer mandate masks citing fewer COVID-19 deaths and more vaccinations.

- I think it's safe to say, we're not going to see the numbers spike up to 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 deaths per day.

- About 25% of the state now is fully vaccinated, which some restaurant owners say is encouraging.

- With the amount of vaccinations that have been taking place, you know, in our regional area, I think that people will be more comfortable.

- But hospitalizations and case numbers are ticking up in New Hampshire, prompting some to stay the course.

- I'm going to wear mine. I don't care. I think everyone should wait a little bit enough.

- We do good so far away, why ruin it? You know. Wait a little bit.

- So come tomorrow, no longer a mask mandate here in New Hampshire but the governor still encouraging people to wear masks.