NHL coaches don masks this season

Coaches Joel Quenneville of the Florida Panthers, David Quinn of the New York Rangers and Peter Laviolette of the Washington Capitals talk about face masks being required behind the bench this NHL season. (Jan. 13)

Video Transcript

JOEL QUENNEVILLE: You know, that was kind of new when we heard that just the other day about having to wear the face masks. We see it in football. And we heard the guys getting fined earlier on in the season and how they adapt, but it's time to pull it down and have a discussion with a ref. Or sometimes, the words are a little more choiceful. And sometimes, they can get a little bit ugly. You guys will know exactly what we're saying.

DAVID QUINN: I think it's the right move under these circumstances. I think it's safe. If it helps a little bit, we should all do it. So certainly, our staff is embracing it. Our organization's embracing it. And, you know, we're just going to have to manage it.

And, obviously, we can-- you know, when you're coaching, when you're the head coach, you're constantly talking about lines and who's up and who's not. So it might be a little bit more difficult in our sport than it is the others, but we just have to make it work.

PETER LAVIOLETTE: It will probably be good for me. [CHUCKLING] Nobody will see what's coming out of my mouth, so my mother will be happy, I think. Again, these are just-- everybody's dealt the same hand, and so, you know, we'll deal with it. If that's the protocol and those are the rules, then we'll respect them, and we'll get it done.

But, you know, it's just a different time that we're living in right now. I'm just excited to be back. I'm sure everybody's just excited to be back. If my price that I have to pay is wearing a mask behind the bench, I'll gladly do it.