NH's unemployment rises to 2.7% in December

Jan. 18—New Hampshire's unemployment rate for December inched up to 2.7%, according to Wednesday's announcement.

That compared with 2.6% in November and 3% in December 2021.

The state saw 1,000 more residents unemployed in December than in November, according to New Hampshire Employment Security.

The 20,700 out of work in December were 1,820 fewer unemployed than a year earlier.

The number of employed residents increased by 480 from November to 752,980 in December. The state in a year's time gained an additional 20,640 employed residents.

From November to December, the total labor force increased by 1,480 to 773,680. The yearly gain was 18,820 residents.

Nationally, the unemployment rate for December was 3.5% compared to 3.6% from November.