Nice weather draws crowds to SF as city's COVID cases decline

Some chose Dolores Park, others hurried to the ocean, "Probably going to touch the sand and the water at the beach. I haven't done that in a year."

Video Transcript

LUZ PENA: The Embarcadero, Ocean Beach, Dolores Park, and the Richmond District. Crowds of people had the same idea-- it's time to leave the house. For 15-year-old Karen, it felt like a special occasion.

KAREN MARTINEZ: It's like a holiday, pretty much, because we haven't really gotten to got out of the car. It was mostly like driving around the city and stuff.

LUZ PENA: For the past year, the Martinez family has been driving around the city to catch a glimpse of normalcy. Today, they got out of the car at their favorite place-- the beach. What they miss the most is simple.

KAREN MARTINEZ: I'm probably gonna touch the sand and the water and the beach. Yeah, it's nice. Yeah, I haven't done that in a year.

LUZ PENA: Also another first-- this weekend, friends gathering in person.

- Actually, she and I haven't seen each other for the last year and a half.

LUZ PENA: [? Elliot ?] saw the weather in the 70s and COVID cases going down, so he took out his roller blades, after two years of not skating. This weekend, he felt safe.

- I'm already vaccinated, so I'm good.

LUZ PENA: And the data shows that yes, COVID cases are going down, and the number of people getting vaccinated is going up. So far, 43% of San Franciscans have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

- Everyone I know who is over 65 has had both shots.

LUZ PENA: And all these factors are good for business. The Balboa Theater was popping.

- In the last 10 days, it's really begun to ramp up-- and this weekend, especially.

LUZ PENA: Now going back to the Martinez family, here's the moment a year in the making-- touching the sand, and never taking simple moments like this one for granted. In San Francisco, Luz Pena, ABC 7 News.